Alfa Laval PlusClean® & PlusClean® UltraPure®

The Alfa Laval PlusClean® was designed to clean shadow areas such as the underside of agitator blades and other internal tank components that top-mounted cleaning devices miss. Installed in the tank wall or bottom, this jet cleaner works harmoniously with your top-mounted tank cleaning device to provide faster, safer, and more efficient cleaning. By targeting a high impact fan of cleaning media at shadow areas during Cleaning-in-place (CIP), this device eliminates risk of cross-contamination. PlusClean is available in both media and pneumatic driven options as well as an UltraPure pharmaceutical option. The pneumatic option can be combined with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop for enhanced control.

PlusClean & PlusClean UltraPure
  • 100% impact cleaning coverage
  • Up to 80% reduction in water and cleaning chemical consumption
  • Installs flush with tank wall
  • Easy to install with adjustable flange connection
  • Eliminates contamination risks
Working Principle

Operated on a spring activated piston, the PlusClean is available in either media or pneumatic driven versions. When activated, it sprays a high impact fan of cleaning media directly at the soiled area. Cleaning coverage is ensured through controlled and repeated rotation of the device through the spray fan. When the cleaning has commenced, the piston position is restored by the integrated spring mechanism and the cleaning device is securely closed and sealed off.

Standard Design

The PlusClean comes standard with all wetted stainless-steel components manufactured from AISI 316L. O-Rings are made from FEP/SIL and EPDM. The choice of slot/spray pattern can optimize spray impact length and flow rate at the desired pressure.

Technical Data
Product wetted surface finishRa 0.8
Wetting distanceMax. 24.28 ft
Impact cleaning distanceMax. effective 17.72 ft
Working pressure1.8-7 bar
Recommended pressure2-5 bar
Max. tank pressureMedia driven: 4 bar
Air driven: 6 bar
Physical Material
ComponentsAISI 316L
Guide RingPTFE
Max. cleaning fluid temperature203°F
Max. tank temperature302°F
WeightMedia driven: 4.63 lbs
Pneumatic driven: 5.95 lbs
Spray Patterns
Alfa Laval PlusClean Spray Pattern

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PlusClean & PlusClean UltraPure (Alfa Laval)

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