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CSI will help you find the tubing that delivers superior temperature control and gentle product treatment.

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About Jacketed Tubing

Jacketed tubing provides a consistent, controlled temperature that is not achievable with insulation or traditional pipe heating methods. Often used to maintain the temperature of a product, this tubing can also be used to change the product temperature like any heat exchanger. As a heat exchanger, jacketed tubing is often preferred for products that are shear sensitive or have large particulates.

Working Principle

Jacketing is the process of creating a sealed, metal casing (the jacket) around a length of tube or pipe. This jacket has an inlet and outlet where heating or cooling media can be used to heat or cool the inner tube, thereby affecting the temperature of the product inside the inner tube.

A standard tube-in-tube design, when installed properly, utilizes the effect of countercurrent flow between media and product tubes to promote efficient heat exchange. With a range of sizes available, particulates can flow freely through the system, delivering gentle product treatment.

Tube-In-Tube Design

At CSI, our engineers size jackets to provide proper flow and velocity for efficient and effective operation. As a heat exchanger for sheer sensitive products, the standard double-tube design utilizes countercurrent flow between the media and the product for efficient heat exchange. The unobstructed, full-bore design handles large particulates gently and allows for easy visual inspection. These versatile systems can be installed almost anywhere on walls, ceilings, or floors.


Extremely versatile and easily expandable, our jacketed tubing systems are designed for media temperatures ranging from 34ºF to 205°F and product temperatures from 34ºF to 300°F. The modular design and availability of elbows, tees, and other components, makes custom configuration and future expansion easier.


  • Candy & confection products
  • Sauces & salsas
  • Cosmetic & health care
  • Pharmaceutical product
  • Pharmaceutical water systems
  • Brine solutions
  • General product line heating & cooling


  • Thermal expansion & contraction
  • Easy internal inspection
  • Maintenance-friendly operation
  • Removable o-ring jacket design
  • Variety of installation options
  • Documentation options


Jacketed Tubing

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