Hose and Tube Cutter

Designed to cut rubber, plastic, Kevlar®, and many other types of flexible tubing, CSI's hose and tube cutter's V-Block ensures a straight, clean cut.

This convenient hand tool is easy to carry and cuts smoothly through a variety of materials. The cutter is suitable for use with tubing and hose in poly, plastic, nylon, rubber, Kevlar, Synflex®, and more, with a diameter of ¼ inch to 1 inch.

CSI also offers saw blades, blade lubricant, and saw guides for any installation needs.

Working Principle

CSI's hose and tube cutter slices through small hose and tubing with scissor-like action. For a fresh cutting surface, simply remove the blade screws and rotate the blade to a new edge. CSI offers replacement blades and a carrying holster.

Item Numbers
DescriptionPart #
Cutter with Chrome FinishHTC-C-CHRM
Cutter with Black Oxide FinishHTC-C-BLOX
Replacement BladesHTC-B-10
Carrying/Belt HolsterHTC-H-BC

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Hose and Tube Cutter (CSI)


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