Pipetite® ReBoot®

Pipetite® Reboot® forms a flexible, sanitary seal that allows for pipeline movement. Its self-sealing design and flexibility eliminate the headaches that come with metal wall plates. Pipetite ReBoot is designed specifically for easy installation around existing piping. Its split design allows the installer to wrap the boot around existing piping then to seal it closed. The unique Pipetite base design incorporates self-sealing ridges that provide excellent surface contact, eliminating the need for caulks and sealants.

Pipetite can easily be adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters, and superior flexibility allows the pipe to move significantly without breaking the seal.

Pipetite ReBoot fits tube or pipe with an outer diameter of 0 to 15 inches.

  • Available in six sizes to fit up to 15 inch OD pipe or tube
  • Innovative split design installs easily around existing piping
  • Easily trimmed to size
  • Flexible seal allows movement without damage or loss of seal
  • Totally self-sealing—no sealant required
  • Predrilled for quick and easy installation with no messy clean-up
  • Materials compatible with cleaning solution
Technical Data
MaterialsHygienic white silicone
316 stainless steel
Tube OD size range0 – 15 inch
Temperature (min)-40°F
Temperature (max)500°F
Patents9255412, 10000934, 10081947
Registered Designs699328, 840516
Dimensional Data
SizeTube OD








# of Anchors
Item #
20.00 - 2.504.173.582.365PTR2-000
30.00 - 3.745.795.043.077PTR3-000
42.76 - 5.317.366.612.527PTR4-000
53.94 - 7.099.338.393.1510PTR5-000
74.92 - 10.8313.2812.255.1214PTR7-000
96.50 - 15.0019.3118.397.8720PTR9-000

Bolt holes are 0.177 inches in diameter.
Sizes 2 and 3 are full cones. Sizes 4 through 9 are not available as full cones.
*Max height

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