Anderson-Negele Pressure Gauges & Transmitters

Central States Industrial (CSI) offers Anderson-Negele pressure gauges and transmitters, designed to be suitable for pressure measurement in pipes and vessels. These instruments are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food, beverage, and life sciences industries. 

Pressure gauges and transmitters from Anderson-Negele meet the expectations of accuracy, durability, and cleanability.

EL/EM Series Pressure Gauges

The EL and EM Series pressure gauges are designed to offer the best durability in the industry. Sanitary pressure gauges are subjected to repeated process and environmental abuse in the form of vibration, pulsation, harsh cleaning chemicals, wide-ranging temperatures, and humidity swings.

EL and EM gauges were designed to be the toughest, most reliable gauges for any sanitary application, up to 1,000 psig. With over 30 years of experience building and repairing hundreds of thousands of gauges from a dozen different suppliers, Anderson identified and addressed all these key causes of premature failure in hygienic processing applications.


The EL Series of analog pressure gauges are designed for food, dairy, beverage, or similar hygienic processing applications, with a standard 316L stainless diaphragm polished to 25 µin Ra. The EL gauge is authorized to carry the 3-A symbol.

High purity applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and similar industries will prefer the EM analog gauge with a diaphragm polished to 8 µin Ra. Both the EL and EM gauges are available with optional Hastelloy® C-22® diaphragms for use with corrosive products.

Dimensional Data

Standard Design

EL and EM gauges feature all stainless steel, all welded design for corrosion, shock, and vibration resistance. Gauges are available with standard mechanical dampening or traditional case-fill for high pulsation/vibration applications. The case and bezel design, unique to the industry, yields a low, narrow profile, while maximizing crystal protection against drops and impacts. 

Product Contact Surfaces316L stainless steel
Bourdon Tube/SocketBronze bourbon; brass socket with silver soldered connections
Movement MechanismBrass
Case/Stem/Bezel304 stainless steel
LensCorrosion resistant polysulfone (max. 325°F)
Optional UV stabilized polycarbonate (not suitable for autoclave)
Actuating Fill100% mineral oil that meets FDA requirements (21 CFR, 172.878 and 178.3620(a)); Neobee-20, optional; 80/20 glycerine/H2O, optional for EM only
Case FillOptional glycerine 100% USP food grade
Technical Data
Over-Range CapabilityAt least 25% over range
Calibrated AccuracyEL Series: ± 1.5% F.S. from 10-90% of range
EM Series: ± .75% F.S. from 10-90% of range
RepeatabilityEL Series: ± .5% of full scale
EM Series: ± .25% of full scale
Process Temperature Limits-20° – 300°F
Option – 330°F 
Ambient Temperature Limits40° – 120°F 
Mechanical DampeningOptional standard and case filled gauges dampened 25% to 50%; Mechanical dampening dampens 50% to 80% of pressure variations
Re-Zero AdjustmentTamper resistant adjustment, ±5% of span. Non-interactive with span. External adjustment located on back of case.

EN/EP Digital Pressure Gauge/Switch

The EN and EP digital pressure gauge platform is designed specifically for monitoring critical pressure applications in hygienic processing industries. These digital gauges provide a battery-powered, local display of pressure that is six times more accurate than its mechanical counter-part. 

Additionally, this product has three times the over-range capacity and five to ten times the resolution of traditional mechanical pressure indicators. The switch version includes two fully adjustable switches with low-voltage relay outputs for simple control and/or alarming applications.

In addition to the greater accuracy, capacity, and resolution, these digital pressure gauges offer improved reliability over traditional gauges, because they do not utilize mechanical actuation. The large display makes the pressure readable from longer distances, while the switching and alarming features are ideal for critical applications or those where simple control is needed.


The EN Series digital pressure gauges are designed for food, dairy, beverage, or similar hygienic processing applications, with a standard 316L stainless diaphragm polished to 25 µin Ra. 

High purity applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and similar industries will prefer the EP digital gauge with a diaphragm polished to 8 µin Ra. 

Both the EN and EP gauges are available with optional Hastelloy® C-22® diaphragms for use with corrosive products. 


EN and EP Series pressure gauges are constructed entirely of welded stainless steel and are designed to be cleaned and steamed in place (CIP/SIP). Both the gauges and switch version carry a NEMA 4x rating to withstand washdown. Anderson digital pressure gauges offer improved reliability over traditional gauges because they do not utilize mechanical actuation. 

Several other features have been incorporated that customers will find beneficial, including a simple, tamper-resistant user interface for easy calibration and programming. The units are programmable for engineering units and all compound units boast autoscaling to the appropriate units. 

There is also a “min/max” data capture feature that facilitates process and equipment troubleshooting. The gauges are powered by two AA batteries and will operate up to a year before the low battery indicator comes on. The switch version operates continuously on DC loop power, with battery backup possible, to support offsite programming.

Dimensional Data

Product Contact Surfaces316L, Hastelloy® C-22® optional
Housing304 stainless steel
Actuating Fill100% mineral oil meets FDA requirements (21CFR, 172.828 and 178.3620(a))
Technical Data
Over-Range CapabilityEN Series: at least 25% over range
EP Series: 2X URL
Accuracy±0.2% of transducer URL (30, 100, 200, 300, 500 psi)
±0.5% of transducer URL (5 psi) 
Complies with ASME B40.7-1998
Repeatability±0.06% of transducer URL (30, 100, 200, 300, 500 psi)
±0.2% of transducer URL (5 psi)
Process Temperature Limits25° – 260°F continuous
Ambient Temperature Limits40° – 120°F 
Engineering UnitsProgrammable by user. See data sheet for selections.
PowerDigital gauge offers two AA replaceable batteries, up to one-year expected life with industrial grade batteries
Digital gauge with switch offers 9-30 volts DC loop power
Relay Outputs (switch only)Two independent, adjustable setpoint relays. Contact rating 1 amp at 24 volts DC, SPST. Contacts open with no power to unit (failsafe) each programmable to close above and below setpoint

MPF/MPP Modular Pressure Transmitters

The industry’s first fully modular sanitary pressure transmitters offer not only best in class performance within harsh process environments, but also the ability to be custom configured onsite both for process parameters and enclosure form factor. Diagnostic routines continuously check on the health of the circuitry and visually report any issues that could impact performance.


The MPF and MPP modular pressure transmitters were designed specifically for monitoring critical pressures in sanitary applications and environments. The devices are suited for process sensor control, including pressurized fillers, pressurized vessels, and filter monitoring. The transmitters can withstand high process and environmental temperatures, making them ideal for high temperature processes like aseptic processing and steam injection.

MPF pressure transmitters are designed for food, dairy, beverage, or similar hygienic processing applications, with a standard 316L stainless diaphragm polished to 25 µin Ra. The MPP transmitters are designed for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and similar industries, with a diaphragm polished to 8 µin Ra. Both are are available with optional Hastelloy® C-22® diaphragms for use with highly corrosive products.

Standard Design

MPF and MPP pressure transmitters were designed to lower the cost of ownership while delivering class-leading performance. Easily replaceable components mean that, if the transmitters are ever damaged, the non-working component could be replaced onsite at a much lower cost than replacement. These transmitters meet the high standard of Anderson's sanitary components and are equipped with an intuitive, menu-driven interface for ease of setup.

Product Contact Surfaces316L, Hastelloy® C22® diaphragm optional
Non-Product Contact Metal304 stainless steel
Non-Product Contact PlasticPolycarbonate threaded cap
Delrin atmospheric vent
Technical Data
Calibrated AccuracyMPP Series: ± 0.10% of calibrated range up to 5:1 turndown (± 0.15% if over 5:1 turndown)

MPF Series: ± 0.07% of calibrated range up to 5:1 turndown(± 0.10% if over 5:1 turndown)
Repeatability0.05% as calibrated
Process Temperature Limits0 – 350°F with ambient temperatures to 140°F
0 – 330°F with ambient temperatures to 160°F 
Ambient Temperature Limits32 – 160°F
OutputMPF Series: Analog 2-wire user selectable 4-20 mA DC or 20-4 mA, optional HART 7.0 digital communications protocol

MPP Series: 2-wire, HART 7.0 with user selectable 4-20 mA DC or 20-4 ma DC, or Foundation Fieldbus
Internal Display4-digit LED nominally displays loop current.
Process variable selectable: psi or bar
Display InterfaceOptional, modular field replaceable: Millibar, Torr & Kg/cm2, psi, bar, kPA, in. H2O, in. Hg, mm H2O, mA
Dimensional Data

Specialized Pressure Gauges and Transmitters

HH Compact Pressure Transmitter

The HH compact pressure transmitter from Anderson-Negele is ideal for harsh environments or areas with little clearance, like skids. The HH is small in size, but built for endurance. It is sealed from the environment with fully potted electronics and a heavy duty welded stainless enclosure. The HH does not have an on-board display.

HA Mini Pressure Transmitter

Anderson’s HA Mini sanitary pressure transmitter is specifically designed for critical measurements in fractional size lines. The product can be ordered with ¾-inch, 1-inch, or 1½-inch Tri-Clamp® connections, as well as Anderson's minimal-hold-up CPM fitting. This eliminates the need for reducers or adapters, therefore reducing hold-up volumes in small lines. An autoclavable version is also available.

TP/TF HART/SMART Pressure Transmitter

The Anderson TF and TP Series pressure transmitters are microprocessor-based sensors specifically designed for sanitary fluid process applications in the food and beverage industry or life sciences industry. These transmitters provide an extremely high level of performance combined with the flexibility of digital communication via the HART protocol. The transmitters can be specified in several configurations, including high temperature models that are available in direct or remote mount variations.

EE/EC Homogenizer/Standard Pressure Gauge (120mm)

The Anderson EE Series 120 mm gauge for homogenizer applications is designed to be rugged enough for the toughest applications in hygienic processing. The EE is available with a variety of standard homogenizer fittings and can be remote mounted for better readability and vibration resilience. All EE Series gauges are equipped with a Hastelloy® C-276 diaphragm for added strength and life to provide more years of uninterrupted service.


With the ELH gauge, Anderson has combined its understanding of homogenizers and the dairy environment, along with the design principles of its class-leading EL gauge. Anderson has identified and addressed all key causes of premature failure and designed the ELH to be the toughest, most reliable gauge for homogenizer applications.

While the ELH is undoubtedly the most durable 3½-inch homogenizer gauge available today, it is also quite innovative. It comes available with a fully potted and sealed integral transmitter that can be field calibrated for both zero and span. Configured with a broad range of sanitary homogenizer fittings, direct or panel mounting, and the optional integral transmitter, the ELH is likely to be the perfect replacement gauge for any homogenizer.

EK Pressure Gauge (63 mm)

The EK Series 63 mm gauge is designed for use at process temperatures up to 284°F and to withstand repeated inline sterilization at up to 300°F. Its back access re-zero adjustment is a standard feature on all models. When ordered with the Anderson CPM fitting, the gauge is autoclavable at 300°F for one hour. The EK gauge is also the only sanitary gauge available with a true 1-inch Tri-Clamp® fitting, eliminating the long standing problem of instrumenting 1-inch lines. This unique fitting will accept a one-inch gasket without impinging on the diaphragm.

SR/SV Pressure Transmitter

The Anderson SR or SV Series transmitter may be ordered with built-in LCD indication. The unit meets all sanitary requirements for finish and cleanability in the food and beverage industry (SR) or life sciences industry (SV). Their one-piece stainless steel package design incorporates a transducer and electronic circuitry to convert pressure and/or vacuum to a proportional 4-20 mA signal. The wide variety of fittings and ranges provide flexibility in specifying the best transmitter for any application.

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