Pipetite® Sleeve ReBoot®

The Pipetite® Sleeve ReBoot® is ideal for retrofit installations. The split design allows it to be wrapped around existing piping of different sizes and seal them closed. This forms a flexible seal that allows for pipe movement.

Constructed of hygienic white silicone, the unique Pipetite design incorporates a thick core around the base that provides excellent surface contact that eliminates the need for caulks and sealants.

  • Ideal for existing tube-in-tube installations
  • Constructed of hygienic white silicone
  • Totally self-sealing - no sealing required
  • Easily trimmed to fit any diameter process line up to 4"
  • Flexible seal allows movement without damage
  • Materials compatible with cleaning solution
Technical Data
MaterialHygienic white silicone
Sleeve OD Size4 inch
Temperature (min)-40º
Temperature (max)500º
Patents9255412, 10000934
Registered Designs699328

Dimensional Data

SizeSleeve OD


Tube OD




Item #
Sleeve Reboot Dimensions

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