Saw Blades and Blade Lubricant

CSI's saw blades are available in three sizes to fit Georg Fischer style orbital tube saws and are proven to last longer than the blades of other manufacturers.

To further extend the life of blades, use PS-8 saw blade lubricant. It reduces heat while cutting with orbital saws or other tube or pipe saws.

CSI has the supplies needed for any installation project, including fittings and tubing, hangers, and saw guides.


  • CSI035
  • CSI072
  • CSI048
  • GF-PS8

Saw Blades


CSI's saw blades fit Georg Fischer and Georg Fischer-style orbital saws for cutting a range of tube and pipe sizes.

Use PS-8 lubricant when using orbital saws or other tube and pipe saws to extend the life of the blade and reduce heat during cutting.


CSI's saw blades are made from M35 high speed steel. Testing shows that they last longer than other manufacturer's blades. There are three sizes available to accommodate a range of pipe wall thicknesses.

Item Numbers
Pipe Wall Thickness


Part #
0.040 – 0.083CSI035
0.040 – 0.125CSI072*
0.083 – 0.250CSI048

*CSI072 allows for cutting smaller tube

Blade Lubricant


The PS-8 blade lubricant extends the life of blades. It is safe to use on sanitary process piping and is also water-soluble. MSDS sheets are available.

Item Number
DescriptionPart #
PS-8 blade lubricantGF-PS8

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Saw Blades and Blade Lubricant (CSI)

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