Plates & Anchors

Take the pain out of anchoring and supporting structures with our selection of blank and pre-drilled plates, gussets, and anchors. Central States Industrial (CSI) offers a variety of convenient sizes, thicknesses, and hole patterns to finish structures, pipe-hanging racks, pump bases, and the like.

We machine and debur our plates for quality and consistency. Manufactured from 304 stainless plate in 12 gauge, quarter-inch, or half-inch thicknesses, CSI's plate components will minimize the hassle of on-site installation of hygienic process systems.

Once built, anchor structures securely using CSI's hex head or double rawl anchors for securing plates to walls, ceilings, or floors.

Plates & Gussets


304 stainless steel plates are typically used to weld anchoring surfaces to structures like pipe racks, hangers, equipment stands, or pump bases. By providing a solid surface for welding, with pre-drilled anchor holes, CSI's plates reduce the time needed to finish and secure structures into hygienic process areas. Plates and gussets can also be used to add structural integrity to frames, racks, and bases.

Dimensional data




CItem #
112 GaH0750
12212 GaH0023
12312 GaH0753
12412 GaH0754
13312 GaH0751
144¼ inchH0075
14412 GaH0752
22212 GaH0016
222¼ inchH0268
233¼ inchH0039
244¼ inchH0045
322¼ inchH0289
333¼ inchH0290
344¼ inchH0291
366¼ inchH0293
426¼ inchH0017
544¼ inchH0091
566½ inchH0047
588½ inchH0755

All plates are 304 stainless steel. Bolt holes are 9/16 inch.


CSI offers two styles of anchors in 304 stainless steel for securing plates to walls: a head head anchor sleeve and a double rail expansion anchor.

Hex Head Anchor Sleeve

Hex Head Anchor Sleeve

The hex head anchor sleeve is ideal for block walls and similar materials. Each anchor includes a sleeve, bolt, nut, and washer, and they require a ½ inch pre-drilled hole.

Item #H0055
Material304 stainless steel
FinishMill finish
Anchor Size½ inch x 2¼ inch sleeve
Bolt Size⅜ inch - 16 bolt
Wall TypesBlock walls
Hole Required½ inch pre-drilled hole

Double Rawl Expansion Anchor

Double Rawl Expansion Anchor

The double rawl expansion anchor works with a variety of masonry materials, including brick, block, and concrete. Double rawl anchors are preferred when the material might be somewhat soft, as the anchor expands along its entire length. Double rawl anchors require a ⅜ inch - 16 bolt (not included).

Technical Data
Item #H0080
Material304 stainless steel
FinishMill finish
Anchor Size⅜ inch
Bolt Size⅜ inch - 16 bolt (not included)
Wall TypesMasonry materials such as brick, block, or concrete
Hole Required¾ inch pre-drilled hole

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