Pipetite® Anchors

Pipetite® Anchors are specifically designed for mounting Pipetite Standard, Flat, and ReBoot. These drive-style fasteners feature a clean, recess-free surface. Since the anchors are self-sufficient, they do not require any additional bonding agents.

Pipetite Anchors are drive-style fasteners, which are hammered into place. This leaves a smooth, recess-free surface for a clean appearance that won't collect dirt and grime.

Two styles of Pipetite Anchors are available to accommodate concrete and brick surfaces as well as panel walls and thin wall structures.

Pipetite Anchors are designed to secure Pipetite Standard, ReBoot, and Flat.

Anchor 1


Anchor 1 is suitable for mounting Pipetite® to concrete or brick. This one-piece anchor features a fluted surface that provides the needed retention.

To install a PTA-1, drill a 5/32-inch hole into the surface, and hammer the anchor into place.

Anchor 2


Anchor 2 comes in two pieces. It is perfect for panel walls, thin wall structures, and concrete or brick surfaces.

To install a PTA-2, drill a ¼-inch hole into the surface, and place the plastic insert in the hole. Position the Pipetite in place and hammer the anchor into the insert. The plastic insert expands in the hole, firmly anchoring the Pipetite in place. The shoulders of the anchor sit flat to the head of the plastic insert. This design allows for an evenly compressed Pipetite seal and prevents accidental deformation of the stainless steel ring due to too much force.

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