Fabrication recognizes unique needs to produce a custom solution

Fabrication Capabilities

Central States Industrial is a step above other material suppliers I have worked with in the pharmaceutical materials supply industry due to their thorough understanding of the documentation required to certify equipment for use in product contact applications. In addition, the technical knowledge of their staff will take the time necessary to work with their customer and provide a the correct solution to fit a specific need.

Clark Patterson, Owner and President of LotterBhanson, LLC

For over 40 years, Central States Industrial (CSI) has delivered customer-focused fabrication solutions for transfer panels, utility panels, skids, custom fittings, valve manifolds — and the entire complement of CSI manufacturing capabilities.


Our welder's extensive knowledge and expertise working with these materials allow customers to achieve the highest caliber results in their products, and our machinists utilize CNC lathe and mill capabilities to ensure your products consistently meet industry standards.

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Unique Welding Station Design

To increase efficiency in CSI's shop, welding gases, compressed air, and cooling water are piped to each welding station. The stations can run four argon regulators and one mixed gas regulator at a time. CSI uses stainless steel to pipe the welding gases from the liquid source, further enhancing the quality of fabrication.

Leading Welding Technology

CSI combines welding skills with the latest welding technology to produce industry-leading weld quality. With the latest in orbital welding equipment technology and manual TIG welding capabilities, CSI craftspeople take pride in their workmanship and ownership of every project that is worked on.

Precision Lathe Welding

We utilize the latest lathe welding technology to produce precise, repeatable weld results on a wide range of circumferential parts. This machine optimizes our process and improves weld quality, all while reducing costs..

Precision Lathe Welder

Welding Experience & Certifications

CSI's vast welding experience meets every individual's unique quality requirements, ensuring success of every project.

  • Material handling, fabrication, and inspection adhere to FDA’s cGMP regulations for high purity products
  • ASME section IX certified welders for light wall sanitary tube and fittings
  • ASME Section IX certified welders for manual GTAW/TIG and automatic orbital welding
  • Welds meet or exceed the 3-A and ASME-BPE requirements

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Machinists at Central States Industrial (CSI) ensure your products consistently meet industry standards. With our CNC lathe and mill capabilities, we are leaders in the manufacturing of fittings in sanitary stainless steels as well as AL-6XN and Hastelloy C-22.

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Standards and Tolerances

At CSI, manufacturing methods comply with the latest industry standards. We are actively involved in the committees that write the standards for the industries we serve. As a result, we have a deep understanding of industry standards, allowing us to consistently meet the tolerance requirements for your components.

Machining Transfer Panels

When manufacturing transfer panels, our machinists use a precision machining process to bore ports through 1/4 inch (or thicker) polished plates. This ensures tolerances meet or exceed industry standards for proper jumper fit-up and leak-free design.

Custom-Machined Fittings

We like challenges at CSI. Our experts take an "outside-the-box" approach when developing designs for custom machined components. Let us take on your next challenge.

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Custom Fittings

Superior Machining Equipment

At CSI, we utilize equipment to meet the needs of the sanitary processing industry.

  • Computer numerically controlled (CNC) & manual lathes
  • CNC & manual mills
  • Auto band saw
  • Finishing equipment
  • Various inspection tools to verify dimensions and tolerances

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We are precise when polishing components to provide consistent, quality surface finish results. Central States Industrial (CSI) takes a systematic approach to surface finishing, allowing us to provide consistent, high quality results on your products. Our in-house polishing capabilities allow us to meet expedited project schedules while maintaining product quality.

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With over 50 years of experience in finishing components and equipment, CSI is the leader in providing this service for the sanitary process industry. We are actively involved in organizations like 3-A and ASME BPE. Our active involvement allows us to incorporate the latest standards into our surface finishing process to meet the needs of our customers.


Similar to our work stations, the polishing area at CSI is uniquely designed to be clean, safe, and efficient. The polishing department is in a separate area from our production area. The space has its own climate-controlled ventilation and filtration system that helps keep dust contained.

Every finished product goes through a detailed final inspection process to ensure it meets finish specifications and dimensional tolerances.

Finishing Techniques

We make the success of your project a priority at CSI. Our finishing experience helps us meet your quality requirements.

  • Wide range of mechanical surface finishing
  • Electropolish capability to less than 10 Ra (316L stainless steel)
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Passivation capabilities utilizing citric acid
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Surface finish checked with a profilometer for conformity to specifications

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Quality Inspection

With our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled fabrication shop, inspection at CSI ensures components meet industry standards for quality. We offer in-house, Level II inspection in accordance with the latest ASNT recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A. This is a continuous process that occurs from the moment a project comes into inspection, all the way through until the project is complete. Inspectors utilize the latest quality-testing technologies including a Borescope, Niton gun, Profilometer, and Micrometers.

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Before a component is ever welded onto a skid, it is inspected for quality. Receiving inspection is the initial inspection that occurs and encompasses every process contact component, which includes tanks, pumps, valves, fittings, tubing, gaskets, and any other equipment that has the potential to get wet.


As a skid is built, it is continuously monitored for quality. Inspectors look at the spool pieces for dimensions, analyze welds, and ensure the skid is constructed correctly. This process may also include identification verification, pressure testing, and other individualized inspection needs.


The final inspection that occurs is CSI’s factory acceptance test (FAT). The inspector, the project manager, and the customer typically run FAT testing. At this stage, the final equipment is tested for functionality, the documentation is reviewed, and the craftsmanship is scrutinized. In addition to any requirements the customer requests, CSI completes its own standard testing to ensure the finalized piece is compliant with all appropriate regulations.

Designed to be among the best in the industry, CSI’s FAT area includes ample electrical power, clean steam, hot and cold water, clean air, and more utilities are piped into a 200-square-foot control room with an additional 750 square foot testing area.

FAT Room