Alfa Laval Point of Use Cooling

The Alfa Laval Point Of Use (PoU) cooler is a heat exchanger built for the cooling of pharmaceutical water. Made up of three tubes positioned concentrically within each other, the product flows in the middle channel between service media flowing in the inner and outer channels.

Its unique design creates high shear force and turbulence, ensuring efficient heat transfer. The module has no internal welds to avoid cross contamination between product and utility. The PoU can be used as a sub-loop of the main distribution loop and is kept sanitized at all times.

It's well suited for cooling both Water For Injection (WFI) and Purified Water (PW). The PoU module offers easy installation with a pitot tube arrangement and either pneumatic or manual valves. Cold water is available within seconds of switching the PoU from stand-by to cooling mode.

  • Designed and manufactured in line with ASME BPE
  • Easy to install
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Reynolds number greater than 4,000
  • Low pressure drop in distribution loop
  • No internal welds
  • Fully drainable on product side
  • No need for flushing or draining before drawing WFI or PW
  • Comprehensive documentation comes standard
  • Steam sterilized option available
Technical Data
Heat transfer area3.2-7.5 sq. ft.
Max. flow rateCold sampling: 264 gph
Hot sampling: 475 gph
Design temperature302°F
Design pressurePneumatic user point valve (PTFE): FV/87 psig
Pneumatic user point valve (EPDM): FV/145 psig
Manual user point valve (PTFE/EPDM): FV/145 psig
Weight48.5-101.4 lbs

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Point of Use (Alfa Laval)

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