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Need a custom fitting that will seamlessly connect your existing components with new equipment? Ryan, along with our Fast Fittings Team, is ready to answer your call!

Take a look at this custom bevel seat by clamp reducer we fabricated in three days to help a ketchup manufacturer keep their processing running smooth.

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We're making the option clear for your 2020 Election candidate --- It's Kristy Clean --- your next hygienic processing solution choice!

She's taking on the processing lobbyists and working for a cleaner tomorrow, one process at a time!

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Aggressive media causing your fittings to corrode, break down, and fail? You need assemblies crafted from an alloy with high resistance to corrosion — you need Hastelloy® C-22®!

In this week's edition of #FittingsFriday, learn how one pharmaceutical customer found a safer way to transfer corrosive product from their pump to their tank.

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Have you ever installed processing equipment from a fabricator that didn't meet your design specs or perform as expected? Prevent this from happening by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

FAT is an optional step after design and fabrication to verify that the equipment follows design specifications and operates properly before it gets shipped and installed.

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Introducing the New Sanitary Pump Cart

Expand your capabilities, not your budget.

Designed for Process Flexibility

Introducing Alfa Laval's new Twin Screw Pump

Reaching You On Demand

We carry a large inventory of fittings, pumps, valves, tubing, and instrumentation in-stock to meet your needs.

Solve Corrosion Problems

We carry an extensive stock of corrosion resistant super alloys, allowing for a quick turnaround.


Automated and Designed for Repeatable Cleaning

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