Alfa Laval ThinkTop® Valve Control V50 and V70

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop® V50 and V70 provide real-time valve status information with its 360 degree LED indication. Operating 24/7, ThinkTop control units are intuitive, reliable, and fast to setup. These units were created with flexibility in mind, offering a single sensor solution for all Alfa Laval diaphragm, butterfly, single-seat, and mixproof valves. The V70 version features a burst seat clean function, controlling the optimum open position of the valve and making it possible to achieve up to 90% CIP liquid savings.


ThinkTop V50 and V70 are designed for use in the dairy, food, beverage, and biopharmaceutical industries.


  • Automatic setup
  • Automatic valve recognition
  • Automatic selection of tolerance band
  • Fast auto, live, and flex setup
  • 360-degree LED indication
  • Burst seat clean
  • Exchangeable (threaded) air-fittings
  • Interchangeable with ThinkTop Classics
Working Principles

The control unit offers a single sensor solution for diaphragm, butterfly, single-seat, and mixproof valves and it can be fitted with up to three solenoid valves. ThinkTop converts the electrical PLC output signals into mechanical energy to energize, or de-energize, the air-operated valve, using the physical sensor target mounted on the valve stem.

Installation with Auto Setup or Live Setup is intuitive and fast. To initiate Auto Setup, simply press the the "SELECT" button and then the "ENTER" button to begin the setup sequence. The process is completed in accordance with the number of solenoid valves fitted to the control unit. Alternatively, the ThinkTop can be set up, without dismantling the control head, using the built-in Live Setup feature for remote configuration.

Operating Principle

Inside the ThinkTop control head, the sensor accurately detects valve stem movement, the valve position at any given time through the use of microchip sensors. To locate the current valve position, sensor chips inside the sensor board calculate the angle between the axial magnetic field produced by an indication pin mounted on the valve stem.

The sensor system receives signals from the PLC system to open or close the valve and transmits feedback signals on the main valve or seat lift position and condition back to the PLC system.

Integrated Communications

Three types of interfaces can connect to ThinkTop to any PLC system and may be used in any combination:

  • Digital Interfaces
  • AS-Interface (with 31 or 62 nodes)
  • DeviceNet Interface (with 63 nodes)

No Touch, set-and-forget sensor system with up to three solenoid valves. Detects both the condition and position of the valve stem with an accuracy of ± 0.004 inch. Set-up parameters are stored, but for greater flexibility and ease of operation, can easily be re-programmed. Because the microchip sensors are moulded directly into the control head, they are less sensitive to the effects of temperatures, vibration, and pressure shock.

Individual preset valve tolerance bands eliminate self-adjustment and ensure optimum operational reliability on any Alfa Laval sanitary air-operated valve. This helps prevent contamination and production failure as well as contributes to increased productivity, longer valve service life, and more uptime.


The ThinkTop features a robust, durable, and reliable valve sensing and control assembly engineered for operation in virtually any environment. The hygienic design withstands the effects of physical impact, pollution, frost, UV radiation, and temperatures up to 140˚F.

Completely watertight, the ThinkTop features the GORE protective venting technology, which prevents water condensation and the penetration of dust, water, and other particles into the control head. The control head can therefore be hosed down with water or cleaning fluid without putting important settings as risk.

Technical Data
Working Temperature14 - 140˚F
Sensor Accuracy0.004 in
Stroke Length0.004 - 4.09 in
Power Supply Voltage24 VDC
Physical Data
Plastic PartsNylon PA 12
Steel Parts304
Air FittingsNickel plated/Nylon PA 6

Spare Parts

ThinkTop V50 Spare Parts
PartPart NumberDiagram Key
Screw, Torx 1096119960723
Solenoid Valve 1x3/296153957014
Control Board, 24V Digital96153949015
Control Board, AS-I 2.11 (31 Node)96153950015
Control Board, AS-I 3.0 (62 Node)96153951015
Control Board, IO-Link96153952015
Exhaust Plug, Hex 12961538900113
Set Screw, Hex 2.5961199607014
Gore Vent961199606515
Sensor Target961539760117

Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 & V70 Parts List

ThinkTop V70 Spare Parts
PartPart NumberDiagram Key
Screw, Torx 1096119960723
Manifold Assembly Complete, 3x3/296153953014
Manifold Assembly Complete, 2x3/296153954014
Manifold Assembly Complete, 1x3/296153955014
Manifold Assembly Complete, 1x5/296153956014
Control Board, 24V Digital96153945015
Control Board, AS-I 2.11 (31 Node)96153946015
Control Board, AS-I 3.0 (62 Node)96153947015
Control Board, IO-Link96153948015
Exhaust Plug, Hex 12961538900113
Set Screw, Hex 2.5961199607014
Gore Vent961199606515
Sensor Target961539760117
Blind Plug, M12x1.5, Hex 14961538890120

Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 & V70 Parts List

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