Alfa Laval LKB-F Butterfly Valve

The Alfa Laval LKB-F butterfly valve is a flange version of the LKB valve, making it easy to remove the valve body without dismantling piping setups. This feature allows it to be easily serviced or replaced with minimal disruption. The valve can be operated manually or automatically with an actuator. Actuators are available in 3 standard versions: normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), or air/air activated (A/A).

LKB-F is available in the following sizes: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 6 inch.

Technical Data


Max. Product Pressure145 psi
Min. Product PressureFull Vacuum
Temperature Range15°F to 200°F
Max. temp. if valve operates


Max. Air Pressure100 psi
Min. Air Pressure, NC and NO60 psi
Temperature Range15°F to 195°F
Air Consumption (liters free air) - ø3.35 in0.24 x p (bar)
Air Consumption (liters free air) - ø5.24 in0.95 x p (bar)
Weightø3.35 in - 6.6 lbs
ø5.24 in - 26.4 lbs
Physical Data

Valve Bodies

Product Wetted Steel Parts304L or 316L
Disc304 or 316L
Other Steel Parts304
Rubber GradesQ, EPDM, FPM, HNBR, or PFA
Bushes for Valve DiscPVDF


Actuator Body304L
PistonLight alloy (for ø3.35 in: Bronze) Air/air version
Standard Design

The valve consists of two valve body halves, valve disc, bushes for the disc stem, and seal ring. LKB-F also consists of two flanges and two flange seal rings. The valve is assembled by means of screws and nuts.

Two actuator sizes, ø3.35" and ø5.24", cover all sizes.

The actuator is fitted onto the valve by means of a bracket and screws. (The actuator can also be fitted onto ball valves by means of special brackets).

The handle for manual operation is fitted onto the valve by means of a cap/block system and a screw.

The LKB is available with either welded ends or Tri-Clamp® sanitary connections.

  • Tri-Clamp® or butt weld ends standard (Other components available upon request.
  • ThinkTop® for control and indication.
  • Green Top - Position indication MS or PS.
  • Indication unit with micro switches.*
  • Indication unit with inductive proximity switches.
  • Handle with two or four positions (standard on 6").
  • Handle for electrical position indication.
  • Handle with infinite intermediate positions (not for 6").
  • Multi-positioning handle with lever handle or pull knob.
  • Service tool for actuator.
  • Service tool for fitting 1"-1.5" valve discs

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