Alfa Laval CM Connect

The Alfa Laval CM Connect combines a vibration monitoring system with a cloud-based gateway. By periodically measuring tri-axial vibration and internal temperature of rotating equipment, then transferring the data to the cloud, equipment can be monitored and data analyzed. This information can be accessed remotely for record keeping and troubleshooting. The CM Connect can be used as a gateway for up to 10 Alfa Laval Condition Monitors within Bluetooth range. Current running status can be compared to predetermined equipment baselines and can automatically trigger email or SMS text alerts if levels are exceeded. Reduce unplanned downtime and plan preventative maintenance according to realtime equipment condition data. Constant monitoring means constant support for your plant.

Working Principle

The CM Connect can act as pump monitoring device transmitting data to the cloud using a 4G LTE connection. The device begins collecting information when vibration is detected. It can also act as a gateway, linking up to 10 CM devices within Bluetooth range sending data to cloud connected devices. This data is processed through a sophisticated AI engine to help determine potential issues the pump is facing. This gives your team easy access to trends and analytics to make informed preventative maintenance decisions. Cloud access requires an annual Connected Services subscription.

Compatible with
Data Available
  • Equipment condition
  • Battery status of connected devices
  • Historical data of machine vibration and frequency analysis
  • Current and total running hours
  • Number of stop/starts
  • Safe remote data collection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Continuous trend data to assist in early detection of process instability
  • Advise service teams on how to prioritize maintenance tasks
Physical Data
Plastic PartsPA12
Steel Parts1.4301 (AISI 304)
Power Supply24 VDC, 7-15W
Size3.4 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches
Weight5.8 oz.
Technical Data
Operating Temperature-22 - 158°F
Sampling Frequency833 Hz. up to 1.6 kHz
3-Axis Vibration0-4 g
Surface TemperatureUp to 176°F
Cloud ConnectionCellular Data
Bluetooth Range65 ft (line of sight)

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