Alfa Laval LKH Series Pumps

The LKH family is a comprehensive line of sanitary centrifugal solutions. Each pump is designed to meet the hygienic requirements of the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries. LKH centrifugal pumps increase process productivity while providing high efficiency and gentle product handling.

LKH pumps are among the most efficient centrifugal pumps available today. Standard, Prime, and UltraPure feature a truly front-loading seal. And, since the LKH series spans many sizes, you always have the most efficient pump for your centrifugal needs.


  • LKH Standard
  • LKH Prime
  • LKH UltraPure
  • LKH Multi-Stage
  • LKH High Pressure

LKH is available sizes -5, -10, -15, -20, -25, -35, -40, -45, -50, -60, -70, -80, and -90


LKH models are highly efficient and economical centrifugal pumps, which meet many sanitary requirements, as well as gentle product treatment and chemical resistance. These pumps are commonly used in hygienic applications including, but not limited to, personal care, food, dairy, beverage, biopharmaceutical, and CIP supply.

Standard Design

The LKH pump consists of a standard motor, stub shaft, mechanical compression coupling (LKH-5 with set screws), adaptor, back plate, impeller, impeller screw, pump casing and shaft seal. (LKH-5 has clamp connection between pump casing and back plate). The LKH pump is designed for CIP with emphasis on large internal roundings and cleanable seals.

Shaft Seals

The LKH pump is equipped with either an external single or a flushed shaft seal. Both have stationary seal rings in acid-resistant steel AISI 329 with sealing surface in silicon carbide and rotating seal rings in carbon. The secondary seal of the flushed seal is a long-lasting lip seal. The pump may also be equipped with a double mechanical shaft seal. Since the LKH uses the same seal over many sizes, it requires fewer spare parts on the shelf.


R 1/8" (BSP) external thread.

Product Wetted Steel Parts316L
Other Steel Parts304
FinishPolished ≤ 32 Ra and 3-A approved
Product Wetted SealsEPDM, FPM (Viton), NBR (Buna or Rubber), or PTFE
Technical Data
LKH-5 Max Inlet Pressure87 psi
LKH-10 – LKH-70 Max Inlet Pressure145 psi
Temperature Range14°F – 284°F (EPDM)
Noise Level at 3.3 ft60 – 85 dB (A)
Water Pressure - Single Flushed SealNormally atmospheric max 14.5 psi
Water Consumption - Single Flushed Seal0.06 – 0.12 gpm
Water Pressure (max) - Double Flushed Seal72.5 psi
Water Consumption - Double Flushed Seal0.06 – 0.12 gpm

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