CSI Pursues Modern Approach to Service and Repair

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Central States Industrial (CSI) takes a proactive approach to service and repair by investigating the root cause of equipment damage. Customers send in broken pumps to CSI specialists, who try to determine the reasons equipment failed before repairing the problem.

Pumps are integral to a successful process system, and their care has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. By identifying the underlying source of a problem, preventative action can be taken to stop similar damage in the future.

“As CSI becomes more service-minded, we want to partner and align with our customers’ needs. The more we try to relate to them and speak into their world, the more successful that idea [of being a trusted advisor] is,” said Service and Repair Manager, Michael David.

CSI experts identify practices that are prematurely wearing down pumps and help the customer make changes to extend the life of equipment. Suggestions can include changing pump location, environment, or application and improving current techniques, such as greasing procedures.

Customized solutions are written in an evaluation, which is emailed or sent to the customer 24 – 48 hours after the pump is received. Suggestions as to whether repair, remanufacture, or replacement would be the most economical option is included in the evaluation.

In most cases, the pump can be repaired, in which case the pump will be reassembled, using genuine OEM parts. Pumps with extensive damage or wear should undergo a comprehensive remanufacture, which includes a yearlong warranty. In some situations, replacing the pump is the most economical choice, and a specialist will recommend the best model for the application.

In all cases, CSI will send a customized solution that is designed to address the root cause of the damage. This knowledge allows the customer to prevent the same damage from happening again.

Michael said, “We cut through layers. A company doesn’t need to have a pump or valve expert on their staff to enjoy the benefit of having one.”

Expert Bio

Michael David, Manager – Service and Repair

Michael David earned his engineering degree at Missouri University of Science and Technology, where the rigorous coursework taught both the theoretical background and the real-world applications of his education. Michael said he enjoys utilizing abstract, technically-minded thinking to arrive at a sensible solution.


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