Jordan Cook, Service Supervisor

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It’s no secret that Jordan is the grandson of Jim Cook, CSI founder, and the son of CEO Mark Cook. So, Jordan has really been a part of CSI his entire life, but he didn’t officially start his professional career on the team until he turned 16. Similar to most teens freshly licensed to drive, Jordan was looking for more independence and needed a part-time job to provide him with the income for his new-found freedom.

Jordan started his journey at CSI in 2008 sweeping the shop and cleaning trucks part-time — which he did for the next two years. He then transitioned full-time in 2010 as a craftsman where he was responsible for welding and pipe installation. Starting in a role with limited scope, Jordan quickly took on additional responsibilities working in maintenance and then the pump shop. Here he was directly responsible for doing repairs and ensuring their on-time completion.


It was while working on field repairs that Jordan grew to understand how truly special CSI was and how much of an impact the work he was doing truly helped others in the processing industry. It was also during this season that he was forced to learn additional skills and knowledge at a rapid pace. He even commented that there were times he felt like he was thrown into a fire pit, but he welcomed the challenges. He then progressed to quoting, taking on more fiscal responsibility by estimating costs to complete jobs.

While Jordan was working as the Pump and Valve Repair Technician, CSI leadership realized that a change needed to be made to bring a more focused approach to providing additional service and repair options to customers. Michael David, the current manager for service, repair, and pumps, would focus solely on pumps, leaving a need for someone to supervise service and repair. Based on Jordan’s years of experience in the service area, he was selected as the new Service Supervisor and stepped into his new role in January of 2019.

His vision is that every end-user facility will utilize a CSI Service plan on an on-going basis.

“It’s not uncommon for a customer to neglect servicing their equipment as often or as properly as they should,” Jordan said.

This opens them up to issues with their systems. Service now steps in to fill this gap be providing system audits and developing a custom service and repair plan to ensure customer’s products perform at an optimum level more consistently.

This symbiotic relationship takes time to develop.

As Jordan mentioned, “we have to build these relationships with people over time to establish ourselves as the service provider for their equipment and work with them to schedule visits throughout the year to do service on their equipment.”

Once a plan is in place, a plant can expect reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increase productivity and profits.


Another area of focus for Jordan’s team will be providing startup support to customers. Going beyond just servicing CSI products, the team will be able to provide knowledge and support for the entire processing facility.

“We can service their equipment in addition to ours,” said Jordan. “We are able to be there from the start to walk them through the entire setup, allowing us to diagnose and troubleshoot problems and answer questions onsite as they come up.”

In this new role Jordan is also responsible for working with sales to grow the business from a revenue perspective while maintaining the operational side — taking on 100% responsibility for the department reaching its revenue goals. He’s excited for this change; which will continue to bring additional responsibility and challenges for him to continue growing himself and the company.


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