Alfa Laval Unique SSV Vacuum Breaker Valves

The Tri-Clover® Unique SSV — formerly 7000 — vacuum breaker from Alfa Laval provides relief from vacuum in process lines along with the latest in sanitary design and cleanability. This air operated vacuum breaker is used to eliminate vacuum on the downstream side of the pasteurizer in an HTST system or other situations where a vacuum can occur in a process line.

The Unique SSV vacuum breaker valve is CIP capable and complies with 3‑A sanitary standards.

The Unique SSV Vacuum Breaker Valve is authorized to carry the 3-A symbol.


Sharing the same actuator as the Unique SSV small single seat valve, it needs only one air connection for clean-in-place (CIP) control, making it truly CIP'able. In addition, the Unique SSV vacuum breaker can be fitted with an IndiTop® or ThinkTop® position indication unit. This enables verification that the valve is properly functioning during process and CIP operations through indication feedback from the top unit.


The working principle is similar to that of a ball check valve. When pipelines are pressurized during process flow or CIP, the internal ball is forced upward against its seat, closing the vent port (see fig. a).


When pipeline pressure drops, the ball is drawn down, allowing air to enter the vent, thereby preventing vacuum in the system (see fig. b).

Alfa-Laval-Unique-7000-Vacuum-Breaker 2

During CIP, a pneumatic actuator is used (pulsed) to force the ball off the upper seat, allowing cleaning of the seat and the internals of the vacuum breaker valve. The CIP fluid discharged during the actuator pulse is ushered to drain via the vent port (see fig. c).

Alfa-Laval-Unique-7000-Vacuum-Breaker 3

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Unique SSV Vacuum Breaker Valves (Alfa Laval)

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