Alfa Laval LKUV-2 Air-Relief Valves

Central States Industrial offers the LKUV-2 air-relief valve to help control the air in your system. The LKUV-2 is a reliable, automatic air-relief valve that is installed vertically on the top of a pipeline or container—or before the inlet for a pump—where the removal of air is required.

LKUV-2 is a double-seated valve with a freely moving plastic ball. Theball, which is lighter than water, closes against the upper or lower seat,depending on the pressure conditions.


The LKUV-2 allows air to vent out of a system when installed vertically on the top of a pipeline or container or before the inlet for a pump. The valve allows the venting of excess air pockets, such as in the following examples:

Example 1
Bleeding a pipe line where an air pocket has formed as a result of the installation. In this case, the valve is installed at the top of the pipe.

Example 2
Bleeding a pipe on the suction side of a pump. The suction side is bled automatically, before the pump starts, establishing a vacuum. The air relief valve will prevent air from binding to the product, which prevents the subsequent cavitation. In this case the valve is installed in front of the pump, on top of the inlet pipe.

Standard Design

The valve body is in two parts and is assembled by means of a clamp. The lower valve body has a welding stub.

Steel Parts304
Seal RingEPDM (standard), NBR, FPM
Max Product Pressure145 psi
Max Temperature194°F (because of the plastic ball)
Ball Density0.906 kg/dm3
Weight1.32 lb
Dimensional Data
A (in)5.07
OD1 (in)0.79
ID1 (in)0.66
T1 (in)0.06
OD2 (in)0.47
ID2 (in)0.39
G (in)2.93
H (in)2.57

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LKUV-2 Air-Relief Valves (Alfa Laval)

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LKUV-2 Air Relief Valve

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