Alfa Laval B44MP Vacuum Breaker

Pasteurizing systems require a vacuum break at the high point of the process piping. This is done to ensure the pressure is never lowered by vacuum, which could cause a mixing of pasteurized and non-pasteurized products. Alfa Laval's B44MP manual vacuum breakers provide a vaccum break in pasteurizing systems and other process lines, guarding against the contamination risks presented by vacuum conditions. The B44MP can also be "flipped" and used as an air eliminator, great for venting entrapped air on the suction side of a pump.

The B44MP consists of a few simple components, allowing for years of reliable service. Manual vacuum breakers must be removed and cleaned separate from the system, just like a manual valve.

The B44MP vacuum breaker is available with a 1.5 or 2 inch Tri-Clamp® connection.

  • Available in 1.5 and 2 inch Tri-Clamp® connection
  • Valve is positioned at the high point of the piping
  • Air enters as the vacuum pulls on the diaphragm
  • Can be used as an air eliminator on suction side of pump
  • Not clean-in-place (CIP) capable, must be clean-out-of-place (COP)
  • 3-A compliant for manual cleaning

B44MP valves' typical application is at the high point of a high-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurization line to prevent siphon or back flow in the system. The sealing plug of the valve can also be reversed for use as an air eliminator for the suction side of a pump and similar applications.

Models A49-42 and B44MP vacuum breakers are designed for line service only. They are not intended for use on tanks or vessels.

Working Principle

Eqiupped with a diaphragm seal, the B44MP prevents product loss during normal system operation. When the process line experiences a vacuum, the diaphragm is pushed away from the perforated sealing plate by atmospheric pressure, allowing air into the system to eliminate the vacuum conditions.

Standard Design

Model B44MP is offered in 1.5 or 2 inch Tri-Clamp connections. It uses a diaphragm that seals against a perforated plate. The plug configuration is reversible for use as an air eliminator. The valve features a small bell hood on top to direct any product blow-by down towards the floor.

Product Wetted Parts316
Dimensional Data

Overall Height: 3.375 inches

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B44MP Vacuum Breaker (Alfa Laval)

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