Alfa Laval SB Pressure Relief Valve

The Alfa Laval SB Pressure Relief Valve prevents damage to tanks by protecting them from becoming over-pressurized by removing excess liquid. Crevice-free surfaces and few moving parts make for easy cleaning. When the valve is in the closed position, it can be cleaned as part of a routine CIP cycle.


The Pressure Relief Valve is used for minimizing the risk of damage to tanks due to liquid overfilling.

Working Principle

The Pressure Relief Valve is delivered with counter weight set and locked to suit customer requirements regarding opening pressure. When pressure in the tank exceeds the preset opening value, the valve relieves the excess pressure.

Standard Design

The Pressure Relief Valve is available in two versions:

  • Integrated in a SCANDI BREW® tank top system
  • Mounted on its own welding flange

The advantages of an integrated Pressure Relief valve are lower initial costs, superior hygiene and smaller area required for the valve. The size and setting of the Pressure Relief Valve is based on the tank design data and process requirements.

Flange Mounted Valve
Nominal Size (in)ID (in)BC (in)OD (in)# of BoltsH1 (in)H2 (in)W (in)

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SB Pressure Relief Valve (Alfa Laval)

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