Bürkert Control and Communication

Central States Industrial (CSI) knows that controls and automation are critical to the modern, efficient, production facility. Whether simple or state-of-the-art, Bürkert's complete line of control and indication components can meet your needs.

The Bürkert range of control and communication devices includes a wide range of devices to actuate, monitor, network, and position your process equipment. Networking equipment and components from Bürkert allow for the decentralization of process control into your facility. Bürkert products are developed through cross functional mechanical and electrical engineering innovation and exacting laboratory testing. Each of the building blocks is ready to be included in your complete automation strategy.

Pilot Valves

For simple control of air to a pneumatic actuator, Bürkert offers multiple styles of solenoid pilot valves, which offer a simple solution for controlling air to a pneumatic actuator. Solutions include direct-mount banjo valves, NAMUR pilot valves, and pilot valve manifolds with common wiring and fieldbus options.


Feedback Switches

The security of knowing that a valve really switched is reassuring in many critical environments. Switches are packaged into a variety of housings to cover a wide range of application environments. Bürkert feedback switches offer reliability and peace of mind, and come in a range of styles, from general purpose mechanical switches to solutions for hazardous locations.


Control Heads

A control head mixes the benefits of a local solenoid pilot valve with feedback in one package. Bürkert control heads feature quality materials and components inside and out, giving your reliable service with the durability to withstand the unexpected in a true production environment. With six models and multiple customization options, the Bürkert range fit your needs. Control heads can house one, two, or three pilot valves, as well as mechanical, inductive, or sensorpad feedback. The "plug and work" installation is quick and painless.



For precise control of throttling, regulating, and similar valves, Bürkert offers a range of positioner solutions to fit your requirements. Models range from a simple cabinet mounted, dual in-line package (DIP) switch programmable blind positioner to a sleek, bus compatible unit with backlit display, and intuitive programming.


Process Controllers with PID On Board

As a leader in real on-valve process intelligence, the Bürkert range on process controller range includes cutting edge components integrating proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller technology. These process controllers provide decentralized control solutions to make your world simpler through advanced control options. Each one capable of replacing multiple components from traditional control loops, they are simple to install and configure. Bürkert's ProcessTUNE provides easy, fast, and reliable recognition of the control loop type and selection of the suitable controller type with optimized parameters.


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