Mouvex Micro C Series Pumps

Mouvex Micro C eccentric disc pumps are ideally suited for continuous transfer of liquids and for low-flow metering. The technology used in the Micro C leaves a smaller footprint than other eccentric disc pumps. This pump offers consistent performance by only being minimally impacted by fluctuations in pressure or viscosity.

The Mouvex Micro C stainless steel models are ideal for sanitary applications. These pumps carry 3-A approval and are designed to meet EHEDG and ATEX requirements.


  • C125
  • C250
  • C500
  • C800

Mouvex Micro C series pumps are ideal for soap, detergent, agri-business, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing applications. The pumps were specially designed for continuous transfer and metering applications.

Seal-Free Design

A seal-free pump means leak-free pump. Designed without mechanical seals, packing, or magnets, the Micro C eccentric disc pump eliminates leakage and reduces maintenance time.

Cleaning Capabilities

The stainless steel Micro C pumps are designed to be flushed and cleaned in place (CIP) and sterilized in place (SIP) without disassembling. They are easily cleaned with no retention zone.

Low Shearing
  • Disc has an eccentric motion (driven by an eccentric shaft)
  • Each point of the disc has the same linear speed
  • Mouvex technology allows a flow rate with low linear speed
  • Self-priming with the ability to clear the pipes
  • Dry run capability
  • Maintenance of the delivery/pressure performance over time due to automatic disc/cylinder adjustment
  • Pumps low and high viscosity products
  • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Pumped product constantly renewed
  • Output not affected by viscosity variation
  • Consistent performance, minimally affected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
  • Self-adjusting for mechanical wear
Body 316L stainless steel
Bellows Assembly 316L stainless steel, 316 Ti stainless steel
Cylinder 316L stainless steel
O-rings Fluorocarbon (standard), PTFE Encapsulated
Technical Data
Pump ModelCubic Capacity


Inlet Chamber Volume


Outlet Chamber Volume




C 1250.14889.154.8917.71/2" BSP, 1/2" NPT, SMS 1145, ISO 2852, DIN 32876, Connect S, RJT
C 2500.27349.154.8917.71/2" BSP, 1/2" NPT, SMS 1145, ISO 2852, DIN 32876, Connect S, RJT
C 5000.54689.154.8917.71/2" BSP, 1/2" NPT, SMS 1145, ISO 2852, DIN 32876, Connect S, RJT
C 8000.82029.154.8917.71/2" BSP, 1/2" NPT, SMS 1145, ISO 2852, DIN 32876, Connect S, RJT
Operational Limits
Pump ModelMin TempMax Temp - ProcessMax Temp -
Washing, Rinsing, Sterilization
Max Viscosity


Max Differential Pressure


Max Inlet Pressure - Process


Max Inlet Pressure - Cleaning


Max Speed


Max Solid Particle Size


Max Soft Particle


Max Flow Rate at 1 cSt


C 1255ºF230ºF250ºF927021714.52910000.0150.030.55
C 2505ºF230ºF250ºF927014514.52910000.0150.031.1
C 5005ºF230ºF250ºF92709214.52910000.0150.032.2
C 8005ºF230ºF250ºF92705514.52910000.0150.033.52

Spare Parts

Micro C Spare Parts
Part125250500800Diagram Key
Inlet Manifold Connection 1, 2" BSP313830.00313830.00313830.00313830.00101
Inlet Manifold Connection 1, 2" NPT313831.00313831.00313831.00313831.00101
Inlet Manifold Connection Clamp ASME BPE316485.00316485.00316485.00316485.00101
Inlet Manifold Connection DIN 32676313829.00313829.00313829.00313829.00101
Inlet Manifold Connection CL ISO25314046.00314046.00314046.00314046.00101
Inlet Manifold Connection DIN20313828.00313828.00313828.00313828.00101
Inlet Manifold Connection SMS25313918.00313918.00313918.00313918.00101
Set Cylinder Piston313836.02313837.02313838.02314448.02200
Piston Screw224792224792224792224792309
Set of FEP-FKM O-Ring Seals313840.01313840.01313840.01313840.01206
Set of FKM O-Ring Seals313839.02313839.02313839.02313839.02206
Piston Screw224792224792224792224792309
Front Cover Plate 1, 2" BSP313834.00313834.00313834.00313834.00401
Front Cover Plate 1, 2" NPT313835.00313835.00313835.00313835.00401
Front Cover Plate Clamp ASME BPE316486.00316486.00316486.00316486.00401
Front Cover Plate Clamp DIN 32676313833.00313833.00313833.00313833.00401
Front Cover Plate Clamp ISO25314047.00314047.00314047.00314047.00401
Front Cover Plate DIN20313832.00313832.00313832.00313832.00401
Front Cover Plate SMS25313919.00313919.00313919.00313919.00401
Complete Transmission313817.03313817.03313817.03313817.03596
Transmission Adaptation Kit315143.00315143.00315143.00315143.001024

Mouvex Micro C Series 125 Pump Parts List

Mouvex Micro C Series 250 Pump Parts List

Mouvex Micro C Series 500 Pump Parts List

Mouvex Micro C Series 800 Pump Parts List

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