Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixers

The patented Rotary Jet Mixer (RJM) doesn't just mix quickly, efficiently, and uniformly. It also creates the necessary process flexibility that makes it easy to switch to new product formulations with diverse viscosities, densities, and volumes. In addition to classic liquid-to-liquid mixing, the RJM is excellent for gas-and-powder dispersion and is a superb tank cleaning machine.


  • IM 10
  • IM 15
  • IM 20
  • IM 25

The RJM is ideal for process and storage vessels between 10 – 1000 m^3, used in a wide range of industries such as beer and beverage, food and ingredients, home and personal care, biotech and chemical industry, and health care.


Ensure that the mixer is positioned in the correct level and submerged into the liquid before round pumping or adding any additional products from any up-stream pipe works. The RJM is self-lubricating with the mixing or cleaning fluid.


Using the IM 25 Rotary Jet Mixer makes it possible, at a modest investment, to perform fast and efficient mixing in a sanitary system. In traditional systems, using propeller mixers, a rotating shaft penetrates the tank wall and a mechanical seal and a gear box are installed. With the Rotary Jet Mixer's technology, the shaft, seal, and gearbox are eliminated, delivering a more sanitary design.

With the RJM, good mixing is achieved without the use of baffles. It can also be used for gas dispersion and for dispersion and dissolving of powder. Furthermore, it can be used for efficient clean-in-place (CIP) when the tank is empty, saving liquid, chemicals, and energy in comparison to a fixed spray ball CIP system.

IM 10316/316L, SAF 2205 (UNS 31803), EPDM, PEEK, PVDF, PFA, ceramics
IM 15316/316L, SAF 2205 (UNS 31803), PTFE, PEEK, Tefzel, ceramics
IM 20316/316L, SAF 2205 (UNS 31803), PEEK, PVDF, Tefzel, ceramics
IM 25316/316L, SAF 2205 (UNS 31803), PEEK, PVDF, Tefzel, ceramics
Technical Data
IM 10IM 15IM 20IM 25
Physical DataWeight (lb)11.213.626.926.9
ConnectionsStandard Connection (in)female, 1 NPT or BSPfemale, 1 1/2 NPT or BSPfemale, 2 NPT or BSPfemale, 2 1/2 BSP
Pressure (psi)Working Pressure28 – 11428 – 17128 – 17128 – 171
Recommended Pressure During Mixing28 – 8528 – 8528 – 8557 – 114
Recommended Pressure During CIP57 – 11472 – 9472 – 9472 – 145
TemperatureMax Working Temperature203ºF203ºF203ºF203ºF
Max Ambient Temperature284ºF284ºF284ºF284ºF
Dimensional Data
















IM 106.819.065.244.330.99 max5.917.87-
IM 1511.76.698.033.075.988.510.397.09
IM 2014.028.6610.553.867.6811.0213.59.13
IM 2511.

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