Static Spray Ball

Efficient, effective, and dependable cleaning in the food, beverage, personal care and biopharmaceutical applications. Achieving a complete clean, every time you clean, is a requirement for your process.

Static spray balls used in clean in place provide a spray solution with appropriate flows, pressures, and spray patterns to ensure efficient and dependable cleaning for your specific process equipment.

Designed to be compliant with 3-A standards when used with a slip collar or butt weld.


  • Made in the USA: Quick order turnaround
  • Surface finish: 32Ra, 20Ra and EP
  • Drilled in 360-Degree, 270-Degree, 180-Degree Up, 180-Degree Down, and 180-Degree Side patterns
  • Butt weld, slip fit, tri-clamp, and threaded connections with full assembly available
  • Material: 316L, AL-6XN, and Hastelloy C22
  • Custom available upon request

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