Alfa Laval Multi Series

The Alfa Laval MultiMagnum and MultiMidget are rotary spray devices built for cleaning tanks in either industrial orhygienic environments. Designed to minimize the consumption of water and cleaning media, both models are easily customized to meet your needs. The MultiMagnum and MultiMidget can save up to 40% on cleaning costs and clean 40% faster, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time producing product. The MultiMagnum is designed to be used in tanks from 1,300-10,500 gallons while the MultiMidget can clean 260-2,600 gallon tanks. Both are available in threaded or weld-on connections. The MultiMidget also comes in a clip-on variation.


  • MultiMagnum
  • MultiMidget

The Alfa Laval Multi series rotary spray devices are designed to remove residual product from hygienic tanks or IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) within the food, dairy, beverage, brewery, and personal care industries.

  • 40% faster cleaning
  • Saves up to 40% on cleaning costs
  • Dynamic cleaning performance and 360° full wetting
  • Can be installed at any angle
Standard Design

Choose from 360°, 270° up, or 180° down spray patterns to best suit your unique application and tank design. Double ball bearing design allows for mounting in any orientation.

Working Principle

The flow of cleaning media causes the rotary head to rotate while the fan-shaped jets create a swirling pattern throughout the tank. This generates the impact required to efficiently remove residual product from the vessel. The cascading flow covers all internal surfaces.

Technical Data
LubricantSelf-lubriacting with cleaning fluid
Wetting RadiusMax. 10 ft
Impact Cleaning RadiusMax. effective
4 ft (MultiMidget)
10 ft (MultiMagnum)
Working Pressure14.5 - 44 PSI
Recommended Pressure29 PSI
Physical Data
Inlet Connections/Balls316 (UNS S31600)
Bearing Race PartsDuplex steel (UNS S31803)
Standard Surface FinishRa 32 inside and outside
Max. Working Temperature203°F
Max. Ambient Temperature284°F

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