Alfa Laval Toftejorg SaniJet 20

To achieve the best possible cleaning results, Toftejorg Rotary jet heads use an optimized high-impact jet pattern to provide the highest possible coverage. Cleaning patterns reach the inner tank surfaces to ensure the most effective clean-in-place (CIP) solution possible.

The jet pressure, or force of impact, efficiently removes residue to provide the hygienic conditions required for batch production. Self-draining and self-cleaning, inside and out, all Toftejorg Rotary jet heads devices comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The Alfa Laval Rotacheck system verifies every cleaning cycle to ensure compliance with today’s strict hygiene standards.


The device meets the highest standards in sanitary cleaning and is designed for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, and dairy processing applications. It is suitable for tanks and vessels between 0.5 and 30 m3. It is especially well-suited to processing highly viscous, foaming, or thixotropic products and to chemical processing applications where product cross-contamination is unacceptable.

Working Principle

The Toftejorg SaniJet 20 is a sanitary, rotary jet head device that cleans in a 3D indexed “Golden Section” pattern. It has an integrated self-cleaning (patent pending) and self-draining downpipe. The drive mechanism is located outside the tank, leaving a minimum of parts inside the vessel or to be submerged into the product. The distance between the tracks of the jets ensures efficient removal of residual product from the tank surface, from the start of the cleaning sequence, allowing for quick jet effective cleaning.

Standard Design

The Toftejorg SaniJet 20 is available in media-driven or air-driven version. Air-driven versions are equipped with a magnetic clutch for leakage-proof transmission. The air motor provides an effective drive for low flow machines in rough environments and for use in explosive hazard zones, provided it is installed according to safety instructions. The air motor has variable speed to adjust cleaning intensity.

The sanitary construction of the Toftejorg SaniJet 20 is designed with the aim to meet regulations. As standard documentation, it can be supplied with a "Declaration of Conformity" for material specifications. ATEX approved, Category 1 for installation in zone 0/20.

Qualification Documentation (Q-doc)

These qualifications are designed for the biopharmaceutical and personal care industries for qualification of hygienic tank cleaning machines and were developed in according to the ISPE V-model and Good Documentation Practice (GDP):

  • Requirement Specification (RS)
  • Design Specification (DS) includes Traceability Matrix
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) includes Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • 3.1 and USP Class VI Certificates
  • FDA Declaration of Conformity
  • TSE Declaration
  • QC Declaration of Conformity
  • Site Acceptance Test Protocol (SAT) includes Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) for end-user execution
MaterialsParts316L (UNS S31603), PEEK*
SealingEPDM* (standard), FPM*, FFKM*
Temperature SaniJet 20Max. working temperature194°F
Max. ambient temperature284°F
WeightMedia-driven machine24.25 - 40 lb
Air-driven machine25.8 - 42.5 lb
ConnectionsInlet connectionClamp: 1 inch ISO 2852
Tank connectionClamp: 4 inch ISO 2852
Tank connectionClamp: 3 inch ISO 2852

Note: Three inch tank connection has no possibility of integrated rotacheck

* FDA compliance 21CFR§177

LubricantMachine Self-lubricating with cleaning fluid
Air motorOperates non-lubricated
Surface FinishFor product contact parts32 Ra
Impact Throw LengthMin. and max.5 - 13 ft
Minimum Tank OpeningWith rotacheck
Four inch clamp
Without rotacheckThree inch clamp
PressureCIP media working pressure44 - 188 psi
CIP media recommended pressure73 - 116 psi
Air QualityClean, filtered max.0.0016 in
Dry, dew point max.41°F non-lubricated possible
Air Supply PressureMax.101 psi
Free Air ConsumptionMax.4.7 scfm
Adjustable SpeedMin. and max.5 - 16 rpm
Cleaning TimeMin. and max.3 - 10 min
Certificates2.2 material certificate and Qualification
Documentation (Q-doc)

Q-doc includes FAT, SAT, and ATEX

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