TrueClean® Product Recovery Systems

A product recovery system from TrueClean® will increase your product yields and reduce clean-in-place (CIP) costs by recovering the residual product left behind in the lines after your process. This means you should see a reduction in the amount of time it takes to clean these sections of line. In many cases, the time, water, and chemicals saved offset the cost of the system.

TrueClean's Product Recovery Systems are simple to operate and can easily be integrated into your existing system. Choose from our manual, basic, or automated return packages.



In the past, product recovery systems used to require extensive trial and error before a new system was properly tuned. Many customers abandon the project due to frustration and projectile failures. In contrast, a Product Recovery Control System from TrueClean comes preconfigured for your application and should operate successfully right out of the box.

TrueClean’s Product Recovery Control Systems are a simple, economical, and efficient way to regulate the operation of your Product Recovery System. It takes the guess work out of setting up and controlling the start, stop, pressure, and proper airflow required to have a successful product recovery cycle.

  • Increase product yield by recovering usable product
  • Decrease CIP cleaning time
  • Reduce water and chemical usage
  • Lower waste treatment expenses
  • Easily integrates into existing systems
  • Simple to operate
  • Safe and secure
  • Controls included
  • Pig detection and air control systems
  • Built-in pressure release for operator safety
Air Flow Requirements
Line SizeMin. PressureMin. Air Flow
1.560 PSI9 SCFM
260 PSI17 SCFM
2.560 PSI28 SCFM
360 PSI41 SCFM
460 PSI73 SCFM
Technical Data
Max Compressed Air Pressure145 psig
Temperature Range0 – 115ºF
Air Inlet Size½ inch FNPT
Electrical RequirementAC 100-240V, 50-60Hz ± 6%
Projectile Velocity3 – 5 ft/sec

Push Button Basic System

TrueClean's basic control package is a stand-alone system that is designed for one-way recovery. The system features stainless steel construction and built-in velocity control for the projectile. It also has a NEMA 4X rating.

Basic System

Automated Return System

TrueClean's automated return package is ideal for hard-to-reach or distant catch locations. The system features stainless steel construction and built-in velocity control for the projectile. It has a NEMA 4X rating, and PLC interlocks are also available.

Automated Return System

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