ITT Pure-Flo® Diaphragm Valves

The Pure-Flo® brand has earned a reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. Providing products from standard forged valves to the most innovative block technology, each and every Pure-Flo valve is engineered to the highest standards. Whether your process is manufacturing large molecule drugs for the biopharm industry or slurry applications for biofuels, cosmetics, or any high purity or aseptic process, ITT will combine decades of experience with cutting-edge technology with a dash of ingenuity to provide value added solutions for your processing needs.


Due to their unique balance of cleanability, drainability, and pressure/temperature capability, the ITT Pure Flo diaphragm valve is an excellent selection for processes that rely on hygienic diaphragm valves for demanding process applications.

Working Principle

Innovative block technology applies downward force on top of compressor; the pressure is then transformed into distributed pressure on the diaphragm. Compressor presses diaphragm over weir area of valve body for product flow control.

EnviZion™ Diaphragm Valves

ITT’s breakthrough technology, the Pure-Flo EnviZion™ valve, sets a new standard for the future of hygienic diaphragm valves. The EnviZion valve is designed specifically to help customers install, operate, and maintain their valves more efficiently. This unique design provides a significant reduction in total cost of ownership while supporting the industry’s goals to increase productivity, improve reliability and enhance clean-ability.

The EnviZion valve utilizes a breakthrough mount and turn design that allows for quick and easy valve disassembly.

  • Tool-less maintenance - no tools required for valve installation and diaphragm replacement, simplifying the maintenance process.
  • Fasteners eliminated - no more handling loose parts or accessing fasteners in tight spaces.
  • Save time - diaphragm changes reduced from an industry average of 23 minutes to 3 minutes, resulting in a 90% reduction in maintenance time.

The EnviZion valve eliminates the effects of thermal cycling with an integrated thermal compensation system.

  • Active sealing technology - the constant force of the thermal compensation system provides a reliable seal that does not degrade over time (unlike other diaphragm valve designs that use passive sealing technology).
  • No retorquing - the seal is maintained over varying operating conditions, eliminating the need to adjust fasteners afterthermal cycling.

The EnviZion valve improves clean-ability by reducing the potential for fluid entrapment.

  • Diaphragm seal - the valve body and diaphragm create a seal on the leading edge of the D-section, preventing fluid from getting into areas which would be difficult to clean and possibly lead to process contamination.

2-Way Valves

ITT 2-way diaphragm valves can fit a wide variety of applications using one of ITT's three valve body types: forged, wrought, or cast. Bodies are available in a number of materials and end connections. The choice of diaphragm type and manual or actuated bonnet further expand the options available for a 2-way valve.

By providing valve bodies with controlled sulfur 316L/1.4435 stainless steel material and weld tangents long enough to accept the most common orbital weld heads in the industry, ITT valve bodies meet the most common needs for welded valve in the high purity processing industry.


Integrated Block Valves

Pure-Flo developed the first integrated block body diaphragm valves over 30 years ago. Integrated block valves can play a substantial role in developing a robust, high yield process in industries like high purity and biopharmaceutical processing. The technology reduces the total cost of ownership by optimizing drainability, hold-up volume, deadlegs, and cleanability. Combining multiple valves into a single block body can substantially reduce total installation and validation costs.

Zero Static Use Points

One group of integrated block valves is the zero static use point, which includes Zero Static Tees, Zero Static U-Bends, Zero Static Back-to-Back Sample Valves, and more. Zero Static use points are some of the most critical valves utilized in the Biopharmaceutical industry. Use point valves allow process fluids to be transferred, sampled, drained or diverted with minimal impact on critical systems such as WFI and purified water.

Divert and Sterile Access Valves

ITT Pure-Flo offers the benefits of integrated block valves that provide the functionality of divert or sterile access multi-valve assemblies in a single block. Sterile access styles include the Integrated Sterile Access and GMP (ISG) valve, which combines the functionality of a sterile access (SA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) fabrication into one block. By simply rotating the assembly, one fabricated block body can provide three process fabrication orientations: Standard Sterile Access Port (SAP) and vertical GMP porting above and below the weir. Integrated block divert valves are available 2- though 6-way versions, with a variety of styles and unique configurations.

Vessel Valves

The Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valve (TBV) is designed for use at the bottom of a tank or vessel to drain or sample while minimizing the interior sump and preventing any dead leg for bacteria or microorganism entrapment. Additional vessel valves styles are also available.


Process Fabrications

Process fabrications consist of multiple 2-way valves ported in various ways to fit the application. The intent is to reduce hold up volume and improve drainability versus using standard valves and fittings. Process fabrications minimize the distance between valves improving cleanability and reducing risk of contamination. Fabrications are utilized when hold up volumes are a consideration but not critical. Many process fabrication combinations can comply with the cGMP requirements.

GMP Option

The GMP fabrication is typically oriented in the vertical position. The design is utilized to reduce dead legs on point-of-use outlets in a typical
WFI distribution loop.

Sterile Access Option

The Sterile Access orientation is designed for use when the orientation of the main valve is horizontal and the secondary or purge valve or outlet is in the vertical position. The main valve is ported at the low point of the main valve waterway to achieve optimum drainability when the main valve is on its drain angle.

Horizontal Sterile Access Option

The Horizontal Sterile Access orientation is similar in configuration to the Sterile Access configuration, but is employed when both the main valve and secondary valve have horizontal orientation.


A complete line of manual and pneumatically actuated options are available to suit most any requirement. All Pure-Flo top works are robustly designed and constructed of durable FDA compliant materials. The Advantage 2.0 Actuator and the 963 Manual Bonnet are two of the more popular topworks options.

Advantage 2.0 Actuator

The Advantage is a diaphragm driven, compact, lightweight actuator designed to meet the stringent space constraints of the Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical Industries. The unit is designed as an on/off pneumatic actuator available with three modes of closure.

963 PAS Manual Bonnet

Capable of withstanding typical washdown media, the 963 bonnet is a fully featured, compact, lightweight, yet rugged design. The 963 is packed with features that fulfill the most demanding requirements of today’s critical bioprocessing systems.

Diaphragm Valve Bodies
(Block Bodies)
Size Range0.5 - 4.0 inches
0.5 - 6.0 inches
0.5 - 6.0 inches DN15–150
End Connections• Tri-Clamp
• 14, 16, 18, 20 O.D. gauge tubing
• Schedule 5, 10, 40 piping
• ISO ends
• SMS 1146 ends
• DIN 11850 ends
• Tri-Clamp
• 14, 16, 18, 20 O.D. Gauge tubing
• Schedule 5, 10, 40 piping
• ISO ends
• SMS 1146 ends
• DIN 11850 ends
• Tri-Clamp
• 14, 16, 18, 20 O.D. Gauge tubing
• Schedule 5, 10, 40 piping
• ISO ends
• SMS 1146 ends
• DIN 11850 ends
Material316L stainless alloy tri-certified to ASTM A182 Grade 316L, S9, EN 10222-5 / EN 1.4435, BN2316L stainless alloy ASTM A479, A240, 316L316L stainless alloy ASTM A351 Grade CF 3M
Special Alloys1C22, C276, AL6XN
Dimensional StandardsUSOD tubing, pipe, ISO/DIN/ SMSUSOD tubing, pipe, ISO/DINUSOD tubing, pipe

1Other materials are available upon request.
2Standard on tank bottom valves, divert valves, and any block bodied fabrications.

MaterialBlack Butyl RubberBuna-NWhite Butyl RubberEPDM1PTFE Enhanced Backing
Size Range
0.25” (DN 8)XXX
0.375” (DN 10)XXX
0.5” (DN15)XXXXX
0.75” (DN20)XXXXX
1” (DN25)XXXXX
1.5 (DN32/40)XXXXX
2” (DN50)XXXXX
2.5” (DN65)XXXXX
3” (DN80)XXXXX
4” (DN100)XXXXX
6” (DN150)XXXX
Temperature-20 – 250°F10 – 180°F0 – 225°F-22 – 302°F2-4 – 329°F

1For high temperature and/or high cycle applications, contact Central States Industrial (CSI) at 800.654.5635.
2Temperature range is as follows:
 •-4 – 194°F for liquid applications
 •-22 – 285°F for continuous steam
 •-22 – 302°F for intermittent steam

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