QSM Tru-Flo Ball Valves

Central States Industrial (CSI) offers Tru-Flo ball valves from QSM. These next generation ball valves are live-loaded with self-adjusting packing and a design that is specifically manufactured for high cycle applications.

Tru-Flo valves reduce the worries of routine maintenance expenses while lowering actuation costs by eliminating custom brackets and couplers. Double o-ring protection provides additional defense against leaking through stem and lower operating torque.


  • EA-33NF-SN
  • EA-33NF-EXT
  • EA-3308-SN-L/T
  • EA-407-SN

QSM 2-Way Ball Valves are available in the following sizes: ½, ¾, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 4, and 6 inch.


QSM's Tru-Flo ball valves are used in a variety of applications. Sanitary ball valves are a go-to valve for applications like water, air, and ingredient lines, where reliability and ease of maintenance are priorities. The full-bore design is ideal for handling viscous fluids, or fluids with solids or semi-solid particles, while minimizing turbulence and pressure drop. Its constant inner diameter allows for free fluid flow—and even allows for the use of product recovery projectiles.

  • Designed for high cycle automated applications
  • All materials comply with FDA, USDA & 3-A requirements
  • Investment cast body and end caps
  • Standard with Tri-Clamp ends; other end configurations available
  • 100% tested and inspected prior to shipping
  • Full traceability of all components
  • Stainless steel impregnated PTFE steam seats available for high temperature applications
Actuator Features
  • Pneumatic air-to-air actuator (double acting)
  • Pneumatic air-to-spring (spring return)
  • Standard 90° rotation
  • Optional 120°, 135°, 150°, and 180° rotation
  • Flange-less design
2-Way Valves

QSM's sanitary 2-way ball valves are available in two models: EA-33NF-SN for Tri-Clamp® style connections, and EA-33NF-EXT for extended butt weld ports. These valves are available in sizes ½ – 6 inch, and optional cavity fillers are also available.

3-Way Valves

CSI supplies QSM's EA-3308-SN-L/T diverter port 3-way valve with the industry standard 3-way functionality. Available in sizes 1 – 4 inch, this valve diverts from center port to L-Port or T-Port flow patterns and allows a small amount of flow to the closed port.

Multiport 3-Way Valves

If you need a complete, positive seal at every port, QSM's EA-407 series multi-port valve is the valve for you. It provides a true positive seal at every port and is available in L-Port or T-Port configurations and sizes ½ – 4 inch. 4-way double LL ball valves are also available.

SeatsTFM-1600 (standard)
Stainless steel impregnated Teflon (for steam applications)
Valve BodyCast 316 (CF3M)
Handle304 stainless steel
Ball & Stem316 stainless steel
Cavity FillersVirgin PTFE
ActuatorHard anodized aluminum (standard)
Anodized epoxy-coated aluminum (optional)
Anodized polyamide epoxy-coated aluminum(optional)
PTFE/PFA-coated aluminum(optional)
Stainless steel (optional)
Surface Finish (ID)8 – 12 Ra

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