Lee Industries Flush-Mounted (BFT) Kettle/Tank Valves

Lee sanitary flush-mounted (BFT) kettle/tank valves are a sanitary, reliable, and cost-effective solution for tank and kettle outlet applications. Lee's BFT flush-type sanitary ball valves are U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved and meet 3-A standards. Lee BFT ball valves offer years of service with few, if any, breakdowns. Easily disassembled in less than thirty seconds, with no special tools required, maintenance is simple and quick.

Lee sanitary valves are precision-made of 316L stainless steel and are designed for corrosion-resistant, high-sanitary conditions in the food, drug, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical, and metal-detection industries worldwide. They are 3-A and USDA-M&P accepted and certified. All Lee valves are available with various optional connection fittings such as sanitary clamp, sanitary thread, I-line, flanged, butt-weld, and NPT.

Standard Design

Lee sanitary flush-mounted (BFT) kettle/tank valves are offered in one-and-a-half inch through four inch full-flow port sizes, which eliminate product flow restrictions. The valves are precision-crafted from 316L stainless steel with a #4 polished interior (3-A and USDA standard) and optional mirror finish available. Various optional connection fittings such as sanitary clamp, sanitary thread, I-line, flanged, butt-weld, and NPT are offered. The valves are designed for rigid, corrosion-resistant, highly sanitary applications.

Standard fully-encapsulating PTFE seals provide maximum reduction of entrapment. Cycle times of approximately one second or less are accomplished when coupled with various actuator options. Vacuum rated mounting flanges can be requested and manual or automated designs are available.

The valves were designed to provide maximum reliability and cleanability. Standard fully-encapsulating PTFE seals provide maximum reduction of entrapment. No-tools-required maintenance for simple, cost-effective care. Minimal replacement parts reduce maintenance time and costs. The valves can be disassembled quickly. Lee sanitary flush-mounted (BFT) kettle/tank valves long sanitary service if operating, maintenance, and cleaning instructions are followed.


Central States Industrial recognizes the demand for high-quality, durable, ultra-sanitary finishes. World-class mechanical finishes and electropolish finishes are provided on all parts and products.

Automated Valves Feature
  • Standard actuators include hard–anodized aluminum construction, with stainless steel and specially coated material options available
  • Equipped with various pneumatic or electric actuators, which can be controlled from a remote panel
  • Accessories available include solenoids, ultra switches with position indication, filters, and regulators

While the style of valve you choose will have its own set of features, you also have the opportunity to choose from a few other options.

  • Full PTFE or mica-filled PTFE seals and full-flow ports eliminate product entrapment and product flow restrictions
  • Ball totally encapsulated by seals
  • Seals are designed to minimize wear and are less subject to deformation under load
  • Standard rating maximum working pressure of 300 psig at 450°F, and can be used for full vacuum applications
  • Pneumatic rack and pinion available in air-to-air (DA) or air-to-spring (SR) configurations
  • Electric

Dimensional Data

Valve Size














Total Weight


Flange Weight


1 1/25 1/24 5/84 1/88 3/161 1/26 7/1693 1/2
265 3/164 1/28 1/426 7/16124
387 1/16510 5/838 1/4267 1/2
410 1/29 5/86 3/819 1/841661 1/213

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