Wangen Twin NG Pump

This new generation of the Twin NG screw pump is part of the hygienic transport and handling of materials from Wangen. The Twin NG pump is a significant advancement in the field of fluid processing, where hygiene and efficiency are critical. This pump excels in transporting a diverse array of materials, from those with minimal viscosity to highly viscous, volatile, and gaseous substances. Its design and technology make it a standout for consistent, reliable performance in sectors requiring the highest hygiene standards.

  • Spindle (screw) replacement is streamlined, eliminating the need for spindle shaft re-synchronization utilizing fast-X-change® technology developed by Wangen Pumpen
  • Features a cartridge design for effortless and rapid seal replacement
  • Includes coupling alignment via self-centering flange housing, with an optional centering-lantern, removing the necessity for coupling realignment after maintenance activities

It's suited for the food, beverage, chemical, and cosmetic industries, where sanitary processing is crucial. The Wangen Twin NG pump's fast-X-change® technology drastically reduces maintenance time and costs by eliminating the need for spindle re-synchronization, achieving an 80% efficiency improvement over traditional methods.


  • 3-A Models
    • 70
    • 104
    • 130
  • EHEDG Models
    • 70
    • 104
    • 130
    • 180

The Wangen Twin NG Twin Screw Pump excels in its versatility, offering efficient handling of both process media and CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems with a single pump, making it a robust solution for industries prioritizing hygiene. Its certifications from 3-A and EHEDG make it suitable for stringent applications in the food, dairy, beverage and select pharmaceutical sectors, where cleanliness is paramount. Engineered for ease of maintenance with features like quick-change spindles, rebuildable cartridge seals, and self-centering coupling alignment, the Wangen Twin NG Twin Screw Pump promises reduced ownership costs.

Available in four distinct models, each equipped with customizable screw profiles, it meets a variety of pressure, flow, and solid handling requirements, affirming its role as a critical asset in ensuring operational efficiency and hygiene compliance in sensitive production environments.

  • High suction lift (self-priming)
  • High operational reliability
  • Compact design avoids dead space and stagnation zones
  • Consistent modular principle for high flexibility, low stocking of spare parts
  • Short downtimes for maintenance and repairs

The Wangen Twin NG Twin Screw Pump operates on a positive displacement principle, using two intermeshing screws to transport fluid smoothly from inlet to outlet, accommodating a wide range of viscosities and ensuring nearly pulsation-free flow. This mechanism allows it to efficiently handle both low and high viscous, as well as volatile and gaseous substances, making it ideal for applications requiring precise, gentle fluid handling.

ModelTwin NG 70Twin NG 104Twin NG 130Twin NG 180
Max Flowrate at a viscosity of 1 mPa-s110 gpm (at 4000 rpm)264 gpm (at 3600 rpm)440 gpm (at 3000 rpm)880 gpm (at 2600 rpm)
Max Particle Size0.75 in1.00 in1.25 in1.50 in
Max Peak Pressure (bar / psi)30 / 43530 / 43525 / 36320 / 290

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