Axiflow DF High Pressure Series Pumps

The Axiflow Technologies DF High Pressure Series consists of two primary pump sizes with up to three different screw pitches to customize an engineered solution. Capable of discharge pressures up to 725 psid (pounds per square inch differential), the DF Series pumps are ideal for large high pressure drop pasteurizers.

Until now, whenever a process called for a positive displacement pump capable of pressure above 300 psi, the only option processors had was to use a homogenizer without a homogenizing valve; this type of equipment was expensive and maintenance intensive, with a large footprint and tremendous pulsation.

Unlike equipment used in the past, the Axiflow DF Series pumps have a small footprint, are low-maintenance, and are inexpensive. Additionally, these pumps have a smooth, non-pulsing flow.


  • STS 90DF
  • STS 125DF
Working Principle

Twin screw technology allows the DF Series pumps to convey air through the pump, without damage. Designed with a double mechanical seal with a flush, these pumps are also capable of running dry for extended periods of time.

Standard Design

With an all stainless steel wet-end and bearing housing that is machined completely out of 316L billet stainless steel, the Axiflow pump can handle the widest range of temperature swings. With the Axiflow pump, there is no such thing as “hot clearance” and “cold clearance” rotors. The entire pump expands and contracts together.

The DF Series pumps come standard, with an all stainless steel wet-end and bearing housing that is machined completely out of 316L billet stainless steel. The pumps can run at speeds up to 3,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), allowing the pumps to perform process as well as clean-in-place (CIP).

Dimensional Data
Pump ModelNominal Capacity


Max. Soft Solid Size













(2x) (in)





STS 90DF4.4 – 5500.75038.5816.382.247.0110.202.0 – 2.52.0 – 3.0685
STS 125DF50 – 1,0300.87546.7123.503.0010.7313.743.0 – 4.03.0 – 4.01,500

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