Wangen Progressing Cavity Pumps

Progressing cavity pumps are engineered to reliably transport low to highly viscous products where maximum hygiene and efficiency are essential. Many of these pumps and their spare parts are stocked in the US, and most configurations are Clean-In-Place (CIP) capable, making them a straightforward choice when considering a progressing cavity pump. They are crafted by Wangen to ensure optimal performance and operational reliability.

  • Products are pumped gently, featuring low pulsation
  • Low stagnation space design
  • Low-impact delivery of products containing solids

Wangen's progressing cavity pumps offer solutions for hygienic applications in a wide range of food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications.


  • Hyline
  • KB-SL Hygienic
  • KL-SL Hygienic
  • MX-F
  • MX-S
  • MX-T
Wangen Progressing Cavity Pumps

The Wangen progressing cavity pump range is suitable for pumping various process media. The entire line of Wangen progressing cavity pumps is 3-A and EHEDG compliant, making them well suited for applications within the food, beverage, cosmetic, and some pharmaceutical industries where cleanability is critical.

With a large selection of shaft seals and simplified rotor/stator maintenance, the Wangen progressing cavity pumps are designed for a lower total cost of ownership. The progressing cavity line from Wangen is available in six unique models. This variety allows Wangen's progressing cavity pump line to provide solutions throughout your process facility.


The line of progressing cavity pumps from Wangen are all positive displacement pumps, meaning that a known amount of product is displaced each time the pump rotates. These pumps feature a helical rotor and stator that create temporary pockets for products to be drawn into. With product entering the inlet and progressing along the rotor/stator, pressure is developed gently and consistently. Once the product arrives at the end of the rotor/stator, it is then discharged from the pump outlet. Typically, these pumps will deliver product pulsation-free and with low product degradation.

  • For sanitary conveying and dosing in the food & beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry
  • Features a flexible and maintenance-free joint
  • For sanitary pumping processes with low to extremely high viscosity mediums
  • Developed for the food industry
  • Can be optionally heated or cooled
  • For emptying drums and vessels
  • Consistent modular principle for high flexibility
  • For demanding sanitary conveying and dosing of aqueous to highly viscous media
  • Available with all standard certificates
  • Modular design
  • For easy draining of drums, mixers, agitators, and big bags
  • Designed for metering and transferring applications

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