Ampco SP Liquid Ring Series Pumps

Central States Industrial (CSI) offers the SP liquid ring pump from Ampco. SP Series pumps are dimensionally and hydraulically interchangeable with Fristam's FZX line. The SP liquid ring pump offers self-priming capabilities, making it ideal for CIP return applications and for handling products with entrained air.

The SP is extremely efficient at emptying tanks and drums, and it is capable of handling shear sensitive products due to its tight manufacturing tolerances and unique impeller shape. SP pumps include a 304 stainless steel adapter and are in conformance with 3‑A sanitary standards.


  • SP-210
  • SP-215
  • SP-220
  • SP-225

The self-priming capability of the SP liquid ring pump makes it ideally suited for CIP return applications and for handling products with entrained air. This ability makes SP pumps extremely efficient at emptying tanks and drums.


Tight manufacturing tolerances and the unique vane-shaped impeller enable the SP to handle shear-sensitive products exceptionally well. SP pumps are available with either single or double external mechanical seals. Standard adapters are made of 304 stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Spare Parts

SP Seal Kits
Seal TypeTypeElastomerPart Number

SP Series Pump Parts List

SP Spare Parts
Cover Gasket, BunaGX80000334GX80000334GX80000336


Cover Gasket, VitonGX80000335GX80000335GX80000019GX80000362
Cover Gasket, EPDMGX80000351GX80000351GX80000058GX80000361
Casing, 2" ClampSP08610000SP08610000SP12610000N/A
Casing, 2.5" ClampN/A


Cover, 2" ClampSC08620000SC08620001SC12620000N/A
Cover, 2.5" ClampN/AN/AN/ASC14620000
180TC w/ Key, 316L, 32 RaSX02000005SX02000005SX02000005SX02000005
210TC w/ Key, 316L, 32 RaSX02000015SX02000015SX02000015SX02000015
250TC w/ Key, 316L, 32 RaSX02000023SX02000023SX02000023SX02000023
Clamping Ring, 180TC FrameSX18000014SX18000014SX18000014SX18000014
Clamping Ring, 210TC FrameSX18000015SX18000015SX18000015SX18000015
Clamping Ring, 250TC FrameSX18000016SX18000016SX18000016SX18000016
Impeller NutSI540000007SI540000007SI540000007SI540000007
Impeller Nut GasketGX81000083GX81000083GX81000083GX81000083
Casing Wing NutSX03000028SX03000028SX03000028SX03000028
Metric Casing WasherGX10610405GX10610405GX10610405GX10610405
Metric Casing BoltGX10610400GX10610400GX10610400GX10610400

SP Series Pump Parts List

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