Anderson-Negele L3 Pressure and Level Transmitter

The Anderson-Negele L3 Pressure and Level Transmitter is designed to measure process pressure or hydrostatic level in sanitary process applications.The state-of-the-art temperature compensation reduces errors associated withprocess temperature changes with improved zero stability reduces sensorinteraction.

The graphical user interface makes set-up and programming easyby directly aligning to the HART™ DD menu structure. The field repairable andreconfigurable design allows the user to change the display orientation, add aremote cable, or replace a component in the field without impact to accuracy.

L3 Pressure and Level Transmitter

The L3 incorporates everything the Anderson-Negele team has learned about pressure and pressure based level monitoring over the last 32 years.


Features include a new temperature compensation strategy, which optimizes performances in hot and highly dynamic systems. This new feature results in fewer errors in brewing, fluid food, and hot fill applications. The L3 has an easy-to-use graphical display interface, which reduces reliance on a manual during start-up and commissioning.

The L3 also has the ability to use the same platform for line pressure or hydrostatic level applications. This reduces stocking needs for our customers and eliminates the need to learn multiple platforms. The modular design allows for repair and reconfiguration on the customer's site and includes the ability to add a remote cable to the assembly. This considerably reduces cost of ownership.


Applications include hygienic pressure and level monitoring for brewing, dairy, food, and beverage processing. More detailed applications are listed below:

  • Hydrostatic level measurement in dynamic temperature environments
  • Pressure measurement in pipes and vessels up to 230 °F
  • Hydrostatic level measurement in inventory silos
  • Front flush, 3-A installation for silos by Anderson flush fitting, E&H universal, ortank spud connections
  • Conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standard 74-06 with Tri-Clamp® DIRECTadapt
  • EHEDG compliant hygienic design with CLEANadapt process connection
  • CIP/SIP and continuous process up to 230 °F
  • Available with over 20 integral hygienic connections, more available through CLEANadapt adapters

Technical Data
Measuring Range URLRelative 0 - 6 psi; -14.7 - 30 psi; -14.7 - 100 psi; -14.7 - 500 psi
Turndownmax. 10:1 of upper range limit(see also measurement accuracy)
Measurement AccuracyTurndown to 5:1
≤ 0.10 % in calibrated measuring range
Turndown over 5:1≤ 0.15 % in calibrated measuring range
Repeatability0.05 %
Long-term stability 0.2 % URL every 2 years
Temperature RangeProcess
0 - 230 °F at ambient temperature below 160 °F
Ambient 32 - 160 °F
Response Time< 0.1 seconds
Electric ConnectionCable gland M16x1.5
Plug-in connection M12 plug, 5-pin, 1.4305
OutputCurrent loop Analog 4 - 20mA and Hart 7.0
Connection Head
304 stainless steel
Metal Cover
304 stainless steel
Plastic CoverPolycarbonate
Threaded Connector304 stainless steel
Wetted Parts316L stainless steel, Ra ≤ 25 μin (0.64 μm)
Diaphragm316L stainless steel, Ra ≤ 25 μin (0.64 μm)
Diaphragm Seal/Oil FillingMedical white oil / mineral oil / paraffin oil
Neobee M20 (optional)
Vertical Orientation
Horizontal Orientation
Remote Version

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