Alfa Laval GJ A8

Gamajet’s entire line of tank cleaning products result from specific customer needs and the Alfa Laval GJ A8 falls right in line with that tradition. The GJ 8 machine is so easy to handle, versatile, and effective that sanitary customers demanded a hygienic counterpart. Therefore, Gamajet responded with the Gamajet A8. This versatile, fluid-driven machine features Gamajet's revolutionary new gearbox, that not only ensures the machine runs almost twice as long, but is also designed for quick and easy change-out in the field.

The GJ A8 features self-draining, self-flushing, and self-lubricating capabilities. The lightweight and powerful GJ A8 is designed completely with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant materials. The GJ A8 is the answer to efficient, effective, and hygienic clean-in-place (CIP). Characteristic of all Gamajet machines, the GJ A8 utilizes patented rotary impingement cleaning technology that ensures tanks are cleaned quickly and effectively and drastically reduces the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used during CIP. It is also designed to eliminate the need for dangerous and costly manual cleaning.


The GJ Aseptic 8 from Alfa Laval is a lightweight, powerful, flow-through tank cleaning machine for mid to large-sized tanks, the GJ A8 is self-draining, self-flushing, self-lubricating, and made with FDA compliant materials.

Designed to minimize physical effort and maximize efficiency, this versatile, fluid-driven machine operates at a wide range of pressures and flows and is resistant to clogging and wear and tear. Utilizing Gamajet's patented automated rotary impingement cleaning method, the GJ A8 ensures tanks are cleaned quickly and effectively and will drastically reduce the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used during CIP.


The choice of nozzle diameters can optimize jet impact length and flow rate at the desired pressure. As standard documentation, the Alfa Laval Gamajet A8 can be supplied with a “Declaration of Conformity” for material specifications.

Dimensional Data
Height (in)11.00
Body Diameter (in)2.88
Clearance (in)8.50
Weight (lb)15.00

The Gamajet range of high impact tank cleaning devices combine pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets. Cleaning occurs at the point at which the concentrated stream impacts the surface.This impact, and the tangential force that radiates from that point, blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior. In conjunction with this impact, the device is engineered to rotate in a precise and repeatable 360° pattern. This full-coverage, global indexing pattern ensures the entire tank interior is cleaned, every time.


The Gamajet tank cleaning product range is world-renowned for setting high standards for cleanliness to enable companies to sustain high product quality and plant productivity. As part of that range, the Alfa Laval GJ A8 tank cleaning device delivers powerful tank cleaning that provides verifiable results to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical, personal care, beverage, food, and dairy industries.

Technical Data
ImpactUp to 40 lb at 25 ft
Cleaning Radius35 ft
Pressure20 - 200+ psi
Flow25 - 130 gpm
Cycle Time8 minutes
Materials316L, PEEK (EPDM, FFKM, and FKM available)

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