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Booth 111 | San Francisco, CA | Thursday, March 3, 2022

Managers and operators in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries recognize the importance of an efficient, reliable, and effective process. Without a dependable and versatile system, plants may experience product loss, increased downtime, and lost profits. They need an experienced industry expert to meet their needs for:


That’s where we come in.

Central States Industrial Equipment (CSI) is a leader in engineering, detail design, and fabrication of cleaning and process systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Specializing in liquid hygienic applications, CSI leverages technology, intellectual property, and industry expertise to deliver solutions to everyday process problems. 

We also provide OEM support for

From the start of a project, our engineering team focuses on the design, optimization, and control of your high-purity system. While the design team provides system designs utilizing the latest technologies and our shop fabricates with expert precision to exceed your expectations.

Join us at the ISPE Vendor Night in San Francisco, March 3rd to speak with an expert about your engineering, design, and fabrication needs. 

Solve Serious Corrosion Problems with Super Alloys from CSI

Pharmaceutical manufacturers dedicate their time and resources towards maximizing their plant's effectiveness in order to deliver their products faster to those battling illnesses. Biomanufacturers are always looking for ways to increase capacity to their in-line buffer dilution (ILD) preparations while also reducing major financial investments. The last thing either need is downtime in their process lines caused by serious corrosion. However, due to the corrosive nature of some pharmaceutical drugs and the high sodium levels in biotech buffer concentrates, lower grade alloys are more likely to corrode over time.

Without a powerful corrosion-resistant alloy in place, these industries risk unplanned downtime, product loss, and even equipment failure. 

The experts at CSI take corrosion seriously, which is why we are a global source for corrosion-resistant Super Alloys AL-6XN® alloy and Hastelloy® C-22®

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