Ryan Russell, Project Manager

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SPRINGFIELD, MO — Project management requires organization, coordination, and vision. For Ryan Russell, Project Manager at Central States Industrial (CSI), the process begins as soon as a customer contacts a CSI employee and shares a comprehensive list of documents and specifications for a potential project.

“You’re given a list of specs, and you have to put the puzzle together and offer something that will work for what they’re asking for,” said Ryan, referring to the project quoting process.

This quoting step also requires collaborating with CSI purchasing, outside vendors, and legal counsel to ensure comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the project. The customer then receives a quote with a proposal or a solution.

“If we’re fortunate enough to get the order, then I also manage that part, as well working internally with the internal design and coordination teams to get the project up and running. I oversee it through the shop, all the way up until it ships,” Ryan said.

Each project’s duration can be between four months to a year and a half. Ryan manages high purity projects, from start to finish. What distinguishes these high purity projects from others is the sheer amount of paperwork involved. There are a copious amount of codes and regulations to follow. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes this equipment, so Ryan creates each design with the utmost care to ensure that the end-users who are consuming the pharmaceutical drugs are safe.

“I like seeing a project from start to finish. To me, that is pretty rewarding. Seeing something that I quoted, and spent so much time working on the front end, to see it being made and shipped is incredible. There’s just something about literally seeing a design on a napkin and then seeing it in real life that excites me,” he said.

Ryan began as an intern at Central States Industrial in 1999. He received a Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University in Drafting and Design Technology in 2000, and promptly began as a full-time drafter at CSI. He transitioned into the fast fittings sector and started receiving more of the larger scale transfer and utility panels and skids.

“I liked the culture, that’s what initially attracted me. I was an intern, so I knew what I was getting myself into before getting hired on. Everyone that I knew was welcoming; they were nice. It seemed like a group of people that I would want to work with, and make a career out of it,” Ryan said. In March, he will have been with CSI for 18 years.

Ryan and his wife of five years, Kaitlin, have a three-year-old daughter, Riley. Ryan said Riley is so young that every day is a new discovery for her, and one of the things he loves most is discovering new things alongside her. They are going to the beach in September, and Ryan said he is excited to witness Riley’s first trip to the ocean.

Ryan is excited for new horizons at CSI as well. “My goal is to help the company become a world-wide leader in pharmaceutical processing equipment,” he said. With Ryan’s talent and drive, there is little doubt that his goal will be achieved.


Central States Industrial Equipment (CSI) is a leader in distribution of hygienic pipe, valves, fittings, pumps, heat exchangers, and MRO supplies for hygienic industrial processors, with four distribution facilities across the U.S. CSI also provides detail design and execution for hygienic process systems in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and personal care industries. Specializing in process piping, system start-ups, and cleaning systems, CSI leverages technology, intellectual property, and industry expertise to deliver solutions to processing problems. More information can be found at www.csidesigns.com.