Marvin Carr Retires After Decades of Service

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On March 1, 2017, Crouch Supply Company was acquired by Central States Industrial (CSI). Recent CSI retiree, Marvin Carr, directed Crouch’s offices the last ten years, including the Fort Worth, TX; El Paso, TX;Knoxville, TN; and Oklahoma City, OK locations. He worked diligently during this time to ensure the customer was always valued and supplied with quality service.

Marvin said that he was proud to assist in a successful transition that allowed his employees to continue supporting customer needs. Marvin joined Crouch Supply in Fort Worth, TX in 1997 and worked as a Process Engineer for ten years before he was promoted to Vice President of Engineering. He has spent the last decade managing operations and overseeing sales and engineering.

Marvin is an industry veteran. He spent 16 years managing ice cream, milk, and cottage cheese plants and an added 32 years in engineering, service, and installation for the dairy, beverage, and food industries. Marvin is the type of person who finds joy in helping others. It is his passion, along with the attention and patience he gives everyone, that has pushed him so far in his career.

He said, “I was able to use my past knowledge in processing to analyze and solve people's manufacturing problems. I foresaw a lot of their frustrations and solved them very quickly, because of my experience." 

Marvin’s dedication to the industry prompted his induction into the Dairy Products Institute of Texas Inc. Hall of Fame. It is the highest honor for someone working in the dairy industry, and it is only awarded to those who have dedicated their lives to serving others and ensuring that people have access to food that is made in clean, safe facilities.

Marvin said he will miss being able to travel and visit the customers that he has worked with for nearly a decade, but he will be busy fishing, traveling, spending time with his grandchildren, and continuing his vocation as a deacon in his church.

Acknowledgment of Dedication

In honor of his service, a small party was held in Fort Worth, Texas. There, his son, Gary Carr, gave a speech dedicated to Marvin.   

Gary said, “I know there are thousands of people across America who enjoy their dairy products, candy and drinks that take for granted that someone designed refrigeration systems, CIP systems, assembly systems, and state-of-the-art technology implementations that provide safe products for their families.

We, everyone in this room, has eaten or drank something that was processed by something your mind and hands have designed, manufactured, installed and personally verified to meet high specific standards that ensure employees can excel in providing high-grade products for their customers and, in turn, providing careers for families all over the United States.

I am proud to have seen you be the example of how you should treat your employees and your customers. You treat everyone with respect and dignity. I am so thankful you chose to care so much about others. You will forever be a lasting legacy to the dairy industry.”

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