Bright Lights and Bold Colors Reflect CSI Brand

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Trade shows are a time for innovation, creativity, and connection. Amanda Williamson, Creative Director at CSI, knows this better than anybody. She spends months deciding the design of CSI’s trade show booth, managing everything from graphics to product displays to literature. The amount of detail orientation needed to represent CSI properly in a 20x20-foot space is astonishing.

To begin making these decisions, she works with CSI’s sales and product management teams to analyze the audience and region, then decides which products will be the most helpful to those in attendance.

For example, in one of the most recent trade shows CSI attended, ProFood Tech in Chicago, Illinois, Amanda knew people in food, dairy, and beverage processing industries would be attending to look for solutions to their problems. “We aim to be on the cutting-edge of technology, bringing new and relevant products to the market,” she said. With this goal in mind, Amanda collaborated with CSI’s engineering team and chose to display tank and tote cleaning equipment and unique clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities, such as CIP 2.0 and Compact CIP.

With over 6,000 people attending ProFood Tech and about 450 booths on display, it can be a challenge to stand out. There is a short period of time and space given during tradeshows; representing company values and products in an exciting, yet rushed environment, can be a challenge for even the most seasoned pros. Amanda has over 20 years of experience, and with months of effort, is able to create a striking, yet simple exhibit that provides a quiet space to facilitate open and honest conversations.

Trade shows provide a chance for CSI people to meet with existing and potential customers, providing both visibility and accessibility. “Tradeshows help us stay in front of our customers to let them know that we’re here, and we are continuing to do new things so we can add value to their processes. We want to be in the places where our customers are looking for solutions,” she said.

Her booth is a representation of all the things CSI stands for, strives for, and continues to be. “We are innovators. We are people who believe in excellence and quality,” she said. She doesn’t just tell people what CSI’s values are; she shows them in color. That’s why she pursued a clean, bright, modern contemporary aesthetic with bold lines and vivid LED lights. The contrast of dark gray against white, with accents of striking bright blue, worked together to create a distinctly captivating display. The booth captures innovation, simplicity, and fearlessness all at once.

ProFood Tech is a new, biennial trade show for the food, dairy, and beverage processing industries. Sponsored by PACK EXPO, Anuga, and IDFA, ProFood Tech debuted in April 2017 with 6,000 people in attendance. The next trade show CSI will be attending is PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, September 25-27, 2017. The ToteCleaner, ToteTilter, Compact CIP, CIP 2.0, Pipetite®, and tank cleaning equipment will all be on display in the exhibit.
CSI ProFood Tech Booth
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Team Tradeshow New
CSI highlighting CIP 2.0
Tank Demo
Tank Demo
Profood Tech Show Valve Laufer Shutter New
Profood Tech Show Valve Laufer Shutter
Tank Cleaning Options New
Tank Cleaning Options
Tank Cleaners Display
Tank Cleaners on Display
Tank Cleaning Demo
Tank Cleaning Demo
Tank Cleaning on Display
Tank Cleaning on Display
Jet Cleaners
Jet cleaners reduce both cleaning time and chemical usage.
Tank Cleaning on display
Tank Cleaning Equipment on Display


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