The Importance of Updating Discontinued Equipment

Lead In Photo Discontinued Products

Discontinued sanitary equipment product lines can affect the bottom line of a facility with surprising impact and cost.

There have been many changes in sanitary processing equipment, especially with smaller items like pumps, valves, etc. These product line changes have occurred with the evolution of companies and the equipment they manufacture. During the last 25 years there have been a lot of changes within manufacturers that produce main sanitary equipment lines. Global giants like Alfa Laval and SPX—along with smaller companies under these umbrellas—each have dozens of product lines, and only the best product lines can be maintained.

The increasing stringency and improvement of hygienic and sanitary standards have driven newer products that are better-suited for compliance and consumer safety. Current product offerings are also focused on making maintenance easier, because of the rising importance of preventative maintenance.

For example, the Ladish 100 Series Valve had a closed bonnet, and the stem seal leaked discreetly. Nobody could easily notice the leak, and product collected and spoiled. This was a sanitary nightmare and lead to the product becoming discontinued.

Crepaco Centrifugal Pumps had an "X" shaped four-blade impeller that exposed threads at the end of the pump shaft. This was extremely dangerous for workers, and so the product was discontinued.

Sanitation standards and equipment design have come a long way, and it's important to keep equipment updated and new. Compliance and safety laws are more essential than ever, and the above examples only iterate that importance.


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