FSMA Increases Importance of Detectable Elastomers

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Sanitary elastomers are an essential tool in food processing plants, but after a period of time they can break down because of factors like temperature, environment, age, and improper installation.

In the past, companies didn’t know there was a problem until an end-user discovered polymer particles in their food. When an elastomer breaks off into product and isn’t discovered immediately, losses include more than the price of wasted goods: containing, reinspecting, or disposing the contaminated product can incur expensive costs and inflict lasting damage on a brand’s reputation.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is driving processors to be more proactive. Facilities have many options for detecting and isolating a magnetic or metallic contaminant in a process system, but finding elastomers can be a challenge.

Metal-detectable elastomers were created as a way to detect elastomer particles in product using existing metal detectors. However, many of those elastomers still went undetected in high density or packaged products. To ensure that no elastomer contaminants go undetected in any application, a material that was both metal detectable and x-ray inspectable was needed.

The world’s largest provider of elastomer products, Rubber Fab, is the only company that has been able to find the right formula for this type of elastomer. They patented the design and named the product family Detectomer®.

“We’ve been working for many years to make sure we have the right combination for the right products,” said Gary Johnson, Regional Sales Manager. Gary has been with Rubber Fab for 13 years. He is passionate about the quality of elastomers he sells, which includes gaskets, o-rings, cord stock, sheet rubber, and customizable Detectomers.

"Every time we make a shipment to CSI, we include all the certifications to assure the customer that we meet the necessary sanitary requirements," said Gary. Detectomers are in complete compliance with the FSMA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and meet 3-A Sanitary Standards.

"We make absolutely certain that our product will be the best you can get. We've been very fortunate in helping so many companies solve problems that they’ve had," said Gary.

Metal-detectable and x-ray inspectable elastomers are an essential tool to help prevent unplanned downtime, minimize product loss, and preserve a positive brand reputation. Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of being proactive, and upgrading elastomers to improve detectability is a quick and simple way to do just that.

Call a CSI representative at 417.831.1411 for more information on Detectomers and other elastomers.

One of the world’s most established provider of sanitary elastomer products, Rubber Fab, has been in the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing supply business for 23 years. It is the only manufacturer authorized to make metal-detectable and x-ray inspectable elastomers.

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Expert Bios

Gary S. Huether, General Manager - Rubber Fab

Gary Huether worked as Director of Product Management and Integration Manager at Garlock before beginning as the General Manager of Rubber Fab. In his new role, he is focused solely on helping the company excel and continuing to learn about industry and customer needs.

Gary Johnson, Regional Sales Manager - Rubber Fab

Gary Johnson has been in the food, dairy, beverage, biotech, and pharmaceutical processing supply business for over 35 years. During his tenure with Rubber Fab, he has worked extensively throughout the United States, giving him an comprehensive overview of processing needs nationwide.


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