Alfa Laval Streamline In-Line Filters and Strainers

Streamline in-line filters and strainers promote product quality and sanitation and help protect processing equipment. It is a good fit for equipment including homogenizers, meters, spray nozzles, needle valves, and pumps. The free-flow design and stainless steel construction provides optimum sanitation and corrosion resistance. It is compatible with a variety of woven and non-woven filtering media. 

If used as a filter, the Streamline can be fitted with any one of seven filtering media.

As a strainer, the Streamline can be furnished with a single screen for straining large particles. To remove finer particles, it can be furnished with a back-up tube and over screen with small perforations. 

Streamline in-line filters and strainers are available in long and short models.


  • SM1 Short Strainer
  • SM2 Long Strainer
  • FM1 Short Filter
  • FM2 Long Filter
  • SMS1 Short Side-Inlet Strainer
  • SMS2 Long Side-Inlet Strainer
  • FMS1 Short Side-Inlet Filter
  • FMS2 Long Side-Inlet Filter

Streamline™ filters and strainers provide versatile, cost-effective filtration. Designed for maximum application flexibility, the Streamline housing accepts a wide range of disposable filter and reusable strainer media. They are ideal for use in the dairy, food, beverage, meat and poultry, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Standard Design

The lightweight design is sanitary and is approved for use in USDA meat and poultry inspected plants.The Streamline is available in two lengths to provide optimum filtration area for the application. The Streamline is furnished with a single screen for straining large particles or with a backup tube and over screen with small perforations for removing finer particles. Model SMS Strainers or FMS filters feature convenient side-entry and a pullout top for easy servicing, without the need for removal from the process line. 

Working Principle

The Streamline filters and strainers are designed to promote product quality and sanitation and protect processing equipment such as homogenizers, meters, spray nozzles, needle valves, and pumps.

Product Wetted Steel Parts316L
Other Steel Parts304
Finish32 µin (0.8 mm) Ra on product contact surfaces
Product Wetted SealsBuna, SFY (fluorelastomer)

Dimensional Data

Connection Size












Effective Filter Area



Replacement Screens & Media

Perforated Metal Strainer Single Screens
Part #Port ConnectionsGaugeHole Diameter


Holes / in2% Open Area
09G*1, 1½, 2141/4 / .250958
2½, 3121/4 / .250958
09D1, 1½, 2163/32 / .0934733
09E1, 1½, 2141/8 / .1253340
2½, 3121/8 / .1253340
09V2½, 3163/16 / .1871851

* Note: All strainers using over screens require a backup tube — the recommended type G screen will be furnished as standard backup tube in all Alfa Laval filters and strainers.

Perforated Metal Over Screens
Part #GaugeHole Diameter


Micron RatingHoles / in2% Open Area

** Available only in long units.

Wire Cloth Mesh Over Screens
Part #Square Mesh SizeSpace Between Wires


Micron Rating% Open Area
44R 16 0.045 1130 50.7
44P 20 0.034 864 46.2
44T 30 0.021 533 40.8
44J 40 0.015 381 36.0
44N 50 0.011 279 30.3
44F 60 0.009 229 30.3
44L 80 0.007 178 31.4
44K 100 0.006 140 30.3
44H 120 0.005 117 30.7
44M 150 0.004 104 37.4
Replacement Filter Media
MediaMicron Rating*Description
30B 513 Woven knapped cotten flannel
30C 300 Cheese cloth, single thickness cotton
30D 765 Nylon, 26/29 mesh, rectangular opening, (.025" x .030")
30E 40-42 Non-woven rayon
30G 420 Woven nylon, 40 mesh


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