Celebrating 40 Years

Central States Industrial celebrates its 40th year of business.


Browse our full line of products and get our expertise on what model is right for your process.

  • Home Category Pumps
    Centrifugal, positive displacement and diaphragm pumps
  • Home Category Valve Systems
    Divert valve cluster on frame
  • Home Products Pumping Handling
  • Home Category Cleaning Systems
    CIP skid system
  • Home Category Heat Transfer
    Alfa Laval Front-15 plate heat exchanger
  • Home Category Piping Accessories
    Fittings for all industries
  • Home Category Instrumentation
    Anderson AV-9900 chart recorder
  • Home Category Superalloys
    Fittings in AL-6XN® alloy and Hastelloy® C-22®

Custom Equipment

Nothing is impossible for CSI's design team. Explore our fabrication capabilities, or use our new design tool to configure your own product.

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