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CSI Announces Innovative Solution in CIP 2.0


CSI’s new CIP 2.0 clean-in-place system combines state-of-the-art controls with innovative design to provide the most advanced cleaning systems.

Bright Lights and Bold Colors Reflect CSI Brand


Trade shows are a time for innovation, creativity, and connection. Amanda Williamson, Creative Director at CSI, knows this better than anybody.

Brewery CIP Project


CSI's Highland CIP Project Case Study explains the new Clean-in-Place system fabricated for a new filling line at North Carolina brewing facility.

CSI Selected for Exclusive Trade Show


Central States Industrial displayed CIP 2.0 and the Compact CIP system in an exclusive industrial trade show hosted by Rockwell Automation.

​Pharmaceutical Centralized Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems


Central States Industrial (CSI) builds process skids for the high purity industry, including hot water sets, temperature control modules, and CIP systems.

CSI Showcases Innovative Products at PACK EXPO


Products included CIP 2.0, Compact CIP, ToteTilter, ToteCleaner, free flow shutter valve, tank cleaning equipment, and several new valves from TrueClean.

Trade Show Adds Value, Provides Solutions


PACK EXPO helps processors in the food, dairy, and beverage industries find accessible solutions to their problems.

Modular Installation Saves Downtime and Increases Consistency


Central States Industrial (CSI) uses modular installation as an alternative to traditional process installation, saving time with unique process skid expertise.

Inspecting Equipment for Life-Saving Research


Our experts will be hand-crafting 19 single tank clean-in-place (CIP) skids, as well as supplying superalloy equipment and heat exchangers.

CSI Helps Brewery Develop Consistent and Reliable Processes


Over 20 years of experience in all food processing, not only brewing, allows CSI to provide unique solutions for hygienic industries.