Alfa Laval IndiTop® Indication Unit

The IndiTop® is a simple indication unit used in conjunction with all kinds of pneumatic processing valves. It is used to provide indication of the valve's position by means of an electronic signal. Mounted on top of the valve, the IndiTop senses the valve's position and sends feedback signals to the PLC to indicate whether the valve is open, closed, or outside of those two set positions.

IndiTop is a great choice when feedback is all you need. Its simple, enclosed design provides reliable feedback with minimal maintenance and installation requirements.


Compatible with all major PLC (programmable logic controller) digital input cards, the IndiTop is ideal for use in food, dairy, and brewery installations as well as biopharmaceutical applications.


The IndiTop utilizes a magnet (supplied with the unit), which is threaded onto the valve stem. The magnet's target sensor is integrated into the IndiTop unit. This unique no-touch system eliminates the need for mechanical adjustments, as no mechanical switches are used.

The unit is mounted while its target is threaded onto the valve actuator “mushrooms” with two Allen screws on the valve stem. Once set up—either by the quick and easy 5-push setup or remotely from the PLC—the unit will be able to send feedback about the valve position through a fixed cable. This process establishes the "open" and "closed" positions of the valve with an accuracy of ± 0.04 inches.

  • Works with both DC and AC supply voltage (8-30V DC/AC)
  • Two PNP/NPN digital DC/AC feedback signals
  • Quick and easy 5-push setup through push-buttons
  • Remote setup from the PLC
  • Keeps the setup during power outages
  • Visual indication through LEDs
  • 16 foot fixed cable
  • No mechanical adjustments
  • ± 0.2 inch tolerance for saved positions

IndiTop is capable of providing two PNP/NPN digital feedback signals in both DC and AC. Selection of PNP or NPN is done by wiring. Visual indication through LEDs constantly display the current valve position and power (ON/OFF).

Plastic PartsNylon PA 6 and POM
Rubber PartsSEBS
Metal PartsStainless steel DIN 914 A2 brass
Sensor Accuracy± 0.04 inch
Distance to Magnet0.2 ± 0.12 inch
Stroke Length0.24 – 3.17 inch
Power Supply Voltage8 – 30 VDC/AC
Power Supply Current*Max 45 mA
Electrical Interface5m 0.2 inch ø fixed PVC cable with (6) 26 AWG conductors
Protection ClassIP66/67

*The initial current during power-on is higher. The actual shape of the current pulse depends on the power supply used. Typical values are 150 mA RMS during 13 ms (regulated PS) to 360 mA RMS during 8 ms (unregulated PS).

The fulfilling of the UL requirements in UL508 requires that the unit is supplied by an isolating source complying with the requirements for class 2 power units (UL1310) or class 2 and 3 transformers (UL1585).

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