High Capacity Bottled Water Transfer Panels

Nestle Waters Leadin2

The customer, a global supplier of packaged food and beverage, was expanding their bottled water operations and was in need of very high capacity transfer panels to direct water and cleaning solution to various lines. In order to meet the customer's requirements for quality and cost, the specific application required different criteria than typical food or beverage applications.

The customer repeatedly asked for specifications they didn't need, without realizing it. This lead them to receive a product and/or price they did not want. After noticing some discrepancies and visiting the customer in-person, Central States Industrial (CSI) realized that there was a need for adjusted standards.

CSI worked closely with the customer to develop new specifications that better met the customer's needs, while also properly meeting the current standards for safe, quality food production. Through open communication, CSI helped the customer achieve a standard that allowed them to meet all of their quality and regulatory needs, while also reducing overall project cost.