This product is no longer offered by this manufacturer.

However, spare parts and service materials may still be available. Contact CSI for help with repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Alfa Laval SRC/SMO/ARC Series Valves

SRC, SMO, and ARC Series valves from Alfa Laval were a legacy valve series featuring sanitary stainless design. While no longer manufactured by Alfa Laval, these valves have a strong installed base across the globe. Central States Industrial (CSI) supports the repair and maintenance of this series of valves with the genuine OEM spare parts and service kits that are still available.

The SRC, or Sanitary Remote-Controlled valve, included shutoff valves with two or three ports, and divert valves with three to five ports. The ARC, or Aseptic Remote-Controlled Valve, was based on the SRC design, but featured a sterile stem seal by means of a PTFE/rubber diaphragm unit. The ARC was designed for aseptic operating conditions. SRC and ARC valves were air-actuated and could be used with controls or indicators such as Alfa Laval's ThinkTops or Linear Control Units.

SMO valves were manually-operated versions of the SRC valve. The SMO valves included shutoff and divert models with a crank mechanism for operation. The SMO-R valve was a regulating (throttling) valve with a tapered stem and fine adjustment knob. The AMO and AMO-R versions of these valves had the same basic design, with the added diaphragm stem seal for aseptic applications.


  • SRC
  • ARC
  • SMO
  • AMO
  • SMO-R
  • AMO-R
While these complete valves are no longer manufactured, parts lists and other documentation appear below.

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